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Jane78TW11 Sat 18-Apr-15 21:32:43

hi all,

I had a stall at the mum2mum market in Teddington Baptist Church today with a friend and wanted to share my experience.

Well, the stall was quite steep at £25 (plus a fiver if you wanted a clothes rail).

Spent all yesterday and this morning pricing and ticketing zzzz.

Got there, set up and there were about 15 stalls in total.

So after having quite a few people in for the first 20 mins, it was DEAD. We just stood around the room like chumps. We just managed to break even and the lady next to us didn't even manage that.

I feel a bit ripped off to be honest! It's an expensive stall but was assured of their excellent marketing.

It wasn't down to pricing items or even what the items were, there was just no one there.

Worst of all I had to cart it all home again!

Next time I'll stick to Gumtree and charity shops, or maybe a car boot sale for a tenner.

KatherineH66HiImNew Sun 19-Apr-15 15:31:52

Oh dear sad Are you a member of the TW11 Mums FB selling group, it's quite good?

twick13 Sun 19-Apr-15 16:53:16

I did one about a year ago. Same experience. I would never do it again. Most of the buyers seemed to be looking for stuff for very very young children. Newborns and just beyond so high price items such as cots and high chairs were selling. There were a few people with fledgling businesses selling things like real nappys and hand decorated hair clips but I had loads of kids
books, Lego, games and young boys clothes and virtually no interest. sold well was

twick13 Sun 19-Apr-15 16:55:07

Trying to put the only thing I had that sold well was cars! And DVD's. Same car boots and pre loved work better

DonsDrapers Sun 19-Apr-15 16:56:53

I made £70 at one once but paid £30 to do it so £40 profit. It was only busy for 20 mins there. I think Nct is better more buyers and cost is apportioned for what you sell.

Beetle16 Thu 17-Mar-16 16:29:54

I have attended a few of the Mum2Mum markets in my area as seller and buyer and found them a waste of time. Spend days sorting out my items to find hardly anyone turned up in the first hour then quiet after that. Walked out making £10 for my efforts. I was one of 15 sellers. Event organiser said they had just over 100 people come through it felt like less. Very disappointed sad

Twickerstwinmum Thu 21-Apr-16 21:04:41

You may not know but Mum2Mum Market in Teddington/Hampton is under new ownership and has been since January. I took a stall at the January Mum2Mum market and did quite well. The sale was busy and I made around £100. I had spent a lot of time preparing my stuff in advance (I put them in labelled freezer bags eg 'Girls pyjamas size 5-6, £2' and I sold quite a few items of clothing but the bulk of my money came from selling my 2 travel cots and my buggy, something I'd never have got round to doing on ebay. I'd recommend it... I took my 5yr old daughter along and we played at shops for the afternoon. It was good fun - and we made some money for new toys (which I had to stop my daughter spending there and then at all the other stalls!)

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