connecting with parents of young toddlers, any other expats?

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rodoteddi Sat 11-Apr-15 20:43:13

Hi everyone,

I'm the dad, writing this thread, as mum is busy/exhausted, as usual.

We moved to Teddington a year ago and have not made many friends here yet. DD is 1.5 years old. And we live near the high street.

We're both from abroad, and would love to find other fish out of water too. I'm from latin america and my partner is from the US. We're both older parents (I'm in my 40s and my partner is in her late 30s), if that makes a difference to you.

Any parents of young toddlers looking to meet up for coffee at the starbucks on high st? We're trying to find other folks new to Teddington trying to build a social circle. So just write here or connect up with me directly.

Sorry for the awkward writing, it's my first time writing on mumsnet (avid reader, rare writer).


MarkMcD Sat 04-Jul-15 17:12:52

Moved to the area with my wife nearly a year ago - have son just reaching two. I thought I'd put a plug for this event. I've been once and hope to make the next one.. (no mention was made to religion which I did have reservations about).

rodoteddi Sun 05-Jul-15 13:14:24


Thanks for the tip. I'll look out for that event and try to go one of these months. Thanks Mark.


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