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paula555 Thu 02-Apr-15 13:15:13

Hi everyone... I'm looking for some advice as I'm moving to Richmond this week. I have a son in year 3 and have been told that Kew Riverside v Holy Trinity are the two schools local to me which have a place for him. I've done lots of reading up on the two schools, including ofsteds, but wondered if anyone had any personal experience of either school?

We're moving from the Isle of Wight and my son is used to a small, village school, one form entry but class size of 30+. He's very sensitive and a quieter type of boy, not into sports, but he loves reading, computers, chess, art, etc. I'm hoping to try and figure which of the schools would be better suited to him.

Any help or opinions very much appreciated!


Icimoi Thu 02-Apr-15 18:04:22

Kew Riverside is one form entry whereas Holy Trinity is two. I dealt with the head of Kew some time ago and liked him. I suppose you also have to take into account whether you want a church school.

Kora Fri 03-Apr-15 20:48:28

I've got DC at Kew Riverside, and they're generally very happy. It has a nurturing atmosphere where the teachers try to get to know the children as individuals (teachers and staff are known by first names). Quite a creative place and there is a chess club after school, and I have to say that sport is probably not the most prominent part of the curriculum as the smaller number of kids means that you can't have lots of teams (which might annoy more sporty people), but they do take part in borough sports enthusiastically for those that want to. I have no direct experience of holy trinity but I've met parents who are happy with it too.

helenrpea Wed 08-Apr-15 12:39:59

You may have made your decision for schools already however, just wanted to say that we have 2 children (YR 2 and Yr5) at HT and we are very happy with it as a school. They have created a warm, nurturing environment, the school is set in fantastic grounds with lots of outside space. Partaking in sports is encouraged for children of all abilities however for the less sporty children there are also lots of opportunities too, with after-school clubs including gardening, cookery, eco, science. If you have time to see both before committing I would strongly advise this because you'll get a better feel for which school is right for your child.

paula555 Thu 16-Apr-15 21:09:29

Thank to everyone for the advice. I have visited Kew Riverside and really liked it, the head was very approachable and I liked his attitude to some issue my son had in his previous school. All good, and we start on Monday! Also have managed to get my daughter into The Barn nursery in Kew, so very much looking forward to getting to know some other children and mums now in the area. :-)

WaitroseIsMySpiritualHome Fri 19-Jun-15 17:23:59

Helenrpea I am wondering who you are. I have 2 @ HT. One in year 5 also...

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