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ohsooootired Fri 19-Dec-14 21:14:54


I'm looking at family mediation options for a review of maintenance arrangements with my ex. What I find really odd is that whilst mediators are registered via National Family Mediation or the Family Mediation council - once you go to the websites they expect you to book (for quite serious sums of money) without knowing anything about the person who'll actually be doing the job.

I did a little research - and it turns out that the level of experience & training of a mediator can vary enormously. - They can be fabulous with many years of experience, or just a few hours. - Yet the mediation centres tend to charge one blanket rate.....They don't even put the bios of their mediators up on the website.

Of course one can go to lawyer for mediation which does solve this issue - but it works out a lot pricier - esp as non-lawyer mediators often scale fees by income.

Any local recommendations? - I'm based in Teddington.

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