What's Stanley Primary School like?

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lightf Mon 17-Mar-14 08:30:51

Hi there,

Keen to hear from any Stanley parents about what the recently merged school is like - what the heads are like, how the facilities are and how kids manage to thrive academically and with sports, drama etc in a school of that size.

Any insights gratefully received! I've not been able to visit yet but hope to at the next tour.


bluestars Mon 24-Mar-14 12:25:24

Hi lightf–

I am a Stanley mum with a DC in Y5 and one in Y2 so I have seen the school through its changes. I am a big fan of Stanley. It is a real community school and offers a huge amount for the children.

I think the school is still learning how to be a Primary and the change is certainly greatest for the Infants. It has lost some of its nurturing atmosphere and lost a great head (Mrs Bower retired a year ago) who knew the name of every child and most parents too! The staff are great, a lovely mix of established and hugely experienced teachers and TA’s, and newer younger staff who keep the energy levels high. The school does feel big post-merger and we do not yet have access to the full site – next year will be great when we can use the field again. I can see that for a 4/5 year old it could feel daunting but they zone the school well, stagger breaks and lunch times so there are not too many kids out at once. They are still feeling their way with this and I hope it will get better when the site is fully open.

The great thing about a big school is the number of clubs, trips and visits they can offer. There are multiple choices of school run and external clubs (AM, lunch and PM slots) which my children have loved – not all sports based either although the sport at Stanley is superb. The Arts weeks is a highlight – the school is turned into a gallery for 2 days with a massive amount of artwork and school projects on display – the children are always so proud of this! I lose count of the number of visiting authors, workshops, music and dance troupes that visit the school. There is a small pool – fine for infants but they have grown out of it by Y3.

I warned you I was a fan! Obviously there are downsides to a big school – not every teacher knows your child; drop off is pretty manic; an introverted kid can feel lost at times (I have one of those); it’s not always possible to see the class teacher at the start or end of the day; communication can be an issue. But I think if you engage with the school you’ll find it responsive.

The classes are shuffled around every 2 years which gives the children a chance to make new friends and break away from unwanted influences. The children really love the school and are very proud of it. Mine bounce into school each morning – the only time we have had issues of not wanting to go in was when a teachers prolonged absence resulted in a high turnover of supply teachers and inconsistent teaching. This has been resolved now and we are back on an even keel. I really wouldn’t want my kids to be anywhere else.

dilys4trevor Tue 01-Apr-14 13:51:20

My DS is at another school but some of my friends' kids are in Reception there now. I have never heard anything negative and have also heard that the sports are better than ever

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