My lovely nanny is available soon. Where do I recommend her

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Billy11 Thu 06-Feb-14 22:55:00

I'm not sure which part of the Forum to go to to recommend this lovely lady. We are being relocated abroad and I have a lovely nanny who is amazing with kids. But unfortunately she can't come with us. My kids are 4 years and younger and they love her. She's extremely reliable.
I would like to ensure she finds the right family for her for a full time job.
Is there a link on mumsnet to maybe recommend her?

KatherineH66HiImNew Sat 08-Feb-14 13:12:32

There is a childcare section of the local site if you access the main site rather than through the app. You could also send an email to the Richmond NCT distribution list. And netmums has a good local childcare section.

Good luck w your move smile

peppimum Mon 10-Feb-14 21:32:13

Hi Billy, I'm just wondering where you posted about your nanny because we are a local family looking for a permanent nanny at the moment: very keen to find someone special, which it sounds like your nanny is. Thanks

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