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New2Kew Tue 10-Sep-13 22:20:57

Hello, does anyone have a child at Broomfield House? Just looking at its fees and after-school care fees and wondered if there are any after-school clubs to attend, or if all of these are additional costs?
Also wondered if the uniform list is totally compulsory? It looks like it could be an extra £1000 in kit alone! Any advice appreciated!

tigerellatomato Thu 17-Oct-13 12:00:46

Our neighbours have children who go to Broomfield House School, and it's a really cute uniform! There are after-school clubs every day, which do cost more but neighbour doesn't think they're expensive, there is also Easter & Summer school for working parents. I think the uniform is the same as with most of the private schools round here - we all buy basics like skirts, trousers, shirts from Tesco, M&S, John Lewis etc and then only the branded things from the school suppliers. There are also second hand uniform sales where you can get expensive items like school coats, blazers etc in good condition. For what it's worth, she likes the school and her eldest has gone on to a very good senior school.

New2Kew Thu 31-Oct-13 11:31:50

Ah thank you so much - I was worrying about it but that is great to know as I'll be breaking the bank on the fees alone. Great to know that it has worked well for your neighbour's kids - thank you for sharing that recommendation.

MuminMunich Sat 02-Nov-13 18:56:43

Hi, just to add that our kids are new to Broomfield and we have had nothing but a positive experience to date. We were looking for what Broomfield delivers: it is a highly academic school, not too posh, with small class size and active parental community. It also makes no apologies for being a "hothouse" for all the best secondary schools. If you have doubts, talk at length to Mr York, the head, who will give you as much time as you need to ask questions. We are very happy at Broomfield. Good luck with your choice!

New2Kew Fri 22-Nov-13 00:16:27

Thanks so much MumInMunich - if we could have summarised what we are after, it probably would have been your words above 'highly academic but not too posh'!! I hope the term goes well for your kids.

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