Secondary schools for Sep 2014

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jenniferandjuliansmummy Fri 02-Aug-13 23:39:41

Hi, currently thinking about secondary schools for my daughter who will be starting sep '14 so we will be looking/choosing later on this year.

I quite like the look of Teddington for her as it is an art specialist school and she loves and is good at art.

We currently live in Esher and will be moving soon anyway so are considering schools for her and we love Teddington...had enough of Esher and Surrey as our 3 yr old has cerebral palsy and provision is bad for kids like him....he will be starting at a special needs school in Kingston so Teddington would be good but also considering Twickenham and Richmond.

What is the general local mums and dads feelings/opinions about schools in the Richmond borough?
any local behaviour noted by kids being worse/better at one or other of the schools? Exam results seem good at teddington and some of the others, not sure I fancy waldegrave as I went to an all girls school and so did my elder daughter and we both had bitter experiences with too many other girls and my daughter makes friends and gets along with the boys equally so happy for a mixed school for her.

any advice would be fantastic thank you smile

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