Nursery advice in Richmond (or as close a possible)

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Ceri1980 Thu 02-May-13 06:07:57

Hello Richmond Mummies,

We are moving back to the UK after some time away in S.Korea and we have secured a house in Richmond near The Green.

I have never even been, but after lots of advice and as much time is possible with 2 children on google street view, we've decided it's pretty lovely and perfect for us with our young family.

The only real sticking point is a nursery, my 2 year old daughter is in a nursery/school here with so many activities through the week, it makes your head spin. I am really keen for her to keep this up. I know that nothing is better than local knowledge, especially when it comes to these things.

So any advice on educational and fun places in or near Richmond?

Thank you in advance.

Balmain2041 Sun 05-May-13 21:09:04

Hi there,

Richmond Green is a beautiful part of town. There are heaps of activities in Richmond. My son (3 years) has been going on and off to Story Explorers, Tiny Tunes and Tempo Tots, all based in Richmond. If you Google them, you will see they are all based on an educational/fun theme. Or sign up for, which is a good place for all activities and things to do I'm the area.

Hope the move goes well.

Balmain2041 Mon 06-May-13 07:20:16

Sorry, forgot to add nurseries. Best bet is to visit and find out about spaces. My son actually goes to one in Twickenham, a Montessori called Little Bugs which he loves. I've heard the Asquith I'm Richmond is pretty good.

Ceri1980 Wed 22-May-13 15:36:15

Thank you so much. Now that we are here I see how much there is. Really looking forward to meeting mums and joining in all these great activities!

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