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MumBoyGirl Fri 19-Apr-13 08:10:18

I know a lot of Teddington families (me included) disappointed to have been offered no place at any of the Teddington schools. We all seem to be being offered Buckingham Primary in Hanworth. It is 40min by bus/walk from Teddington and doesn't seem to have a good reputation.

Does anyone know anything about the school beyond Ofsted? Any personal experience?

I am REALLY hoping for a place more locally before September, but it's not looking good...

Teddyking1 Fri 19-Apr-13 13:47:36

What weRe the cut off distances this year for hamton wick,collis etc
Did you use all your six preferences.?
Stanley waiting list last year moved as far down the high street as ferry road and down to shaef way in teddington also across to Hampton .

pastmyprime Fri 19-Apr-13 16:19:04

We didn't get our first choice of St Mary's and St Peters, but got Stanley, and i was v disappointed. But i didn't realise some people didn't get ANY. That is awful. Very stressful for you.

I spoke to St Mary's and the admissions so far worked at 49 sibling places, 16 distance places, and 25 church. The catchment area is so far 300 metres. Wow. Massively down on last year, where the Head told us in former years it had been 550 metres.

I'm sure things will change one the waiting lists start shifting. It will just be a rollercoaster of a summer i guess.

Have you looked at the oftsed report for the school you've got into? It might reassure you.

MumBoyGirl Fri 19-Apr-13 19:44:02

We put down our 5 nearest schools...didn't get any of them.
Have finally spoken to the admissions people though and at least know where we are on waiting lists.

I know people say that there is some movement, but I have absolutely no idea what kind of place changes they are talking about...are you in with a chance at 5 on the waiting list...or 10...or 20..? I just don't know how much they really do change before term starts... Any ideas???

Teddyking1 The cut off distances this year are as follows (last year's in brackets)
Collis 740 (658) - 39/90 siblings
St Marys 300 (550) - 49/90 siblings
Stanley 1235 (1809) - 56/120 siblings
Hampton Wick 1982 (1157) - 31/90 siblings

Given how big Stanley is now (4 form entry) it's notable that there catchment has also decreased!

There are 3 bulge classes n the Borough this year - Nelson, Marshgate and St Osmunds...I don't know and am not near any of the though.

Now we just have to wait and see what happens...

Teddyking1 Fri 19-Apr-13 20:34:39

Looking at the distances hampton wick and stanley would be the ones which are Likley to move the most I would say.Hampton wick school is exceptional Stanley has the new buildings.
if you are 5th place at your preferred choice u should stand a good chance.
However I know that Collis only moved 3 places last year and only 1 more since then !!

dilys4trevor Sat 20-Apr-13 10:24:15

Stanley HAS gone down alot but that will expand over the coming weeks. Good news for people on the other side of town that Collis and HWI have grown out a bit after last year.
HWI has expanded massively, which is great. A friend of mine got in and she had assumed she'd get nothing in the 'first round.'
It seems like this year it is North Teddington residents who are being squeezed.

Phoebe47 Sat 27-Apr-13 16:19:14

Why do you say Buckingham has not got a good reputation MumBoyGirl? It has an excellent Headteacher and great facilities and staff. Your child could do a lot worse than be a pupil there. However, I understand that the travelling distance is an issue. By, the way, Buckingham School is in Hampton not Hanworth. Hanworth is in Hounslow Borough. Some Hanworth children do attend Buckingham School but that causes no problems. Why not go and have a look round.

mrstiggiwinkles Sun 28-Apr-13 11:26:04

I live close by Buckingham and work at a local indie school close by. It always seems a very well resourced little school with a great playground which borders Hampton common. You could do a lot worse. people do write off Hanworth, but its a lot of gossip, I think the schools here have had so much investment recently, and I can see nothing wrong with them at all.

mrstiggiwinkles Sun 28-Apr-13 11:30:27

Buckie primary is indeed Hampton...all this snobbery about Hampton or Hanworth, it makes me laugh! Our house is postally Feltham, in Hounslow borough, yet we are very close to the primary school...and our council tax is a lot less too! Hanworth is a safe nice no nonsense family area between Hampton and Aiut five bus stops from Feltham proper. it is technically called 'Hampton North' and I am sure that it has just as good primaries as the more established ones. The child are is good round there too, with several nurseries such as Aston Pierrepont, Greenacres etc. Direct 485 bus to Hampton Hill, change there for r70, which stops very close to the nursery.

LProsser Sun 28-Apr-13 22:55:50

I have visited Buckingham Primary and met some of the staff from the infant classes. There has been lots of upgrading there lately and I think it's a good school with a lovely big playing field. I don't think you need worry about your child going there, but I understand that it's a complete pain being offered a place a long way from home and it's not good for public transport, especially from Teddington central as there's no direct bus. Which part of Teddington are you in? Stanley seemed to take in a lot of children from central Teddington who would normally have got into Collis last year and initially were not offered any place, although some ended up in the Sacred Heart bulge class.

londoniana75 Mon 29-Apr-13 15:40:10

@Teddyking1: you said that "I know that Collis only moved 3 places last year and only 1 more since then !!"

We've been on the Reception wait list since 31 May 2012 and we were placed 2nd on the wait list at the time, we stayed in that position for a long time. We are 450m away. I checked the wait list with the council every single month since we got on the list. We are now 3rd on the wait list sad because someone has just moved in (200m away from school). 1st position is a sibling case and I know of one school place that was already offered on siblings basis several months ago.

However, I'm puzzled to find out about 3 other places you mentioned? Were those offered last May, after initial allocation? Again, we were on the wait list since 31 May 2012... and we were 2nd at the time, so I'm surprised I don't know about 3 places?

Many thanks.

ps. We're in Sacred Heart which is a very good school but I'm not okay with the Catholic ethos long term.. in retrospect though, I should be probably happy that I don't have to drive to Hampton, the school walk is 5-min.

Teddyking1 Mon 29-Apr-13 17:55:28

Hi yes the 3 places were before may 2012.I guess people with the siblings must of got in further up the school then get to first place on the waiting list for the younger child regardless of where they live.Although they still must be pretty close.
Lost of people rent in the flats opposite the school which would be about 200m .Poor you .totally understand about the sacred heart religion thing.

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