Teddington vs Indie Schools??

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propitia Sun 28-Oct-12 14:21:37

OK Following on from the Orleans thread, who can talk me through Teddington? I am particularly interested in streaming - apparently maths & MFL only, tho' sciences later on - and its effects on exam choices. Also the culture of the school - are bright kids deemed geeks & just tolerated or...? How about pastoral care? I am hearing wildly different (anecdotal) perspectives. I think a few more anecdotes would help me, if you don't mind sharing.

FWIW I have a very bright, lazy, rather judgemental ds who is currently unhappy in his lovely primary; feeling v uncomfortable in answering questions etc in class or otherwise drawing any academic attention to himself & not v sporty so hating playtime.

If you are still with me, would you send a rugby/football hating ds to Hampton?
Thanks for any views!

LProsser Thu 08-Nov-12 22:25:27

Hi, I have a Year 7 at Teddington. They are put in sets for maths and science very early on in Year 7. Languages in year 8. Not really sure about other subjects. There are lots of bright children there so not really a problem being bright so far as I can make out. There is strict discipline about doing homework, lots of tests etc. so unless child is determined not to appear bright I can't see it being a problem. Have not detected any uncool to be bright culture yet. There are arty and drama type activities for the non-sporty and things like chess and warhammer clubs. Haven't needed any pastoral care yet but have heard it is quite good where needed. Playtime seems to be very short so sport is mainly optional after school - only one compulsory PE lesson a week which I was rather shocked about - I bet they have a lot more at Hampton!

Twix45 Fri 25-Jan-13 09:19:27

Hi, have a Y7 and a Y11 there. The streaming will really kick in as they move up the school, Y7 is a bit of an anomaly. They have been great at challenging the brightest kids, there is a gifted and talented programme for them, and they are very active in encouraging all kids to move up the sets as soon as they are able to do so. Happy to anwer any specifics.

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