Orleans vs Inde Schools??

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PhyllisDietrichson Wed 03-Oct-12 19:59:07

We're looking at schools for DS for Sept 13. We can't decide at all and have gone round and round in circles. We live locally so fully aware of no school links anymore. We'd probably get into Orleans but are not sure whether to go for it, or make real sacrifices to try to afford the Hampton or KGS fees. DS is bright, but passing an Inde exam is not a definite. He's sociable and fun but easily distracted and drawn to 'cheeky boys. He's sporty, musical and mathematical, but can be quite lazy and needs pushing or he'll do the minimum to get by.

I know someone who said the behaviour at Orleans was really not good in some lessons. Conversely friends with DC's there are happy and say it's only a small minority who cause problems and that dicipline's not an issue. Allowing for DC's character, do we try for Hampton/KGS where he'll be pushed to keep standards high, and where behavour's probably better, OR follow our ideals and go for a well thought of local comp and accept it's good and it's bad points and save ourselves the stress of finding school fees

What are your experiences please?

mebaasmum Fri 05-Oct-12 14:06:38

I can only give an opinion about Orleans. I think its OK.
I think it could do more. Good points sport is good and there are teams down to c teams. Maths is set from year 7. They assess pupils on entry rather than depend on says and use these tests and says to set targets. Learning support there has a good reputation..If you email staff they get back to you
Downsides there is a very high number of statement ed pupils more than average. . Although there results are ok I am sure given there catchment that could be better. There is disruption in some classes. Some teachers seem overly stressed. Low grade bullying is nottaken seriously. You don't get the idea form tutors truly know the kids. There isn't enough feedback. One parent evening a year and termly reports which are just a list of actually grades target grades and effort grades.IiI ont think the kids are pushed anywhere near enough.
So our verdict its ok could do more and certainly isn't an independant school in disguise

PhyllisDietrichson Sat 06-Oct-12 09:55:57

thanks mebaasumum - that's really useful. Sometimes a crystal ball'd come in real handy - see into thier future and see how it panned out!

Veritate Sun 14-Oct-12 13:57:34

I wasn't stunned with Orleans, but to be fair ds left two years ago. They didn't push or stretch him, and he did need pushing as he was otherwise very happy to coast. Parents' evenings were badly organised so it was quite hard to ensure you saw the teachers you wanted to. He's mildly dyslexic, but every year when teachers moaned about his lack of organisation his dyslexia clearly came as news to them. I'd agree with mebaasmum, could do better.

JessLX Thu 25-Oct-12 11:37:53

I think their results are extremely impressive for a non-selective comprehensive school (see below).
The majority of our pupils sat eleven GCSEs with thirty-eight achieving at least 8A* or A grades and fourteen achieving an A* or A in all their subjects. We have certainly maintained the upward trend in the last three years of the number of pupils achieving the highest grades. Other key highlights include:
86% of subjects exceeded their A/A* targets grades 92% of subjects met or exceeded A/A* target grades In five subjects over half the pupils achieved A/A* grades

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