Commute from Teddington to Balham on a morning via car? Possible or totally stupid idea?

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zoe55 Sun 08-Jul-12 20:58:08

Hi Everyone, my family and I are hoping to move to Teddington in the next few weeks but we would ideally like to leave our 2 yr old DS at his nursery. Do you know how long it would take us to drive to Balham from Teddington? We would need to arrive in balham for 8.30-8.45am!

I am sure it's a stupid idea to even contemplate this but he is so settled and feel guilty moving him!

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Also should we have to move him, can anyone recommend a good local nursery or shared childminder?

Thanks everyone xx

Gigondas Sun 08-Jul-12 21:01:37

I would guess 40- 60 minutes depending on traffic and route.

Am in Twickenham so no real good tips on nurseries but have you tried council for cm list?

Devora Sun 08-Jul-12 21:04:32

My first instinct is that it must be easier to take the train (change at Clapham Junction). But then I remembered that a friend of mine moved here from Clapham and did just that, driving up her dc for his last term at nursery. But it was only for that one term.

Is he your only child? Are you a SAHM? If no to either, then it does sound a bit punishing. How long are you thinking of doing it for?

There are some really good nurseries and childminders in Teddington. If you'd like to PM me with where you think you'll be living, I can try and suggest a childminder. There are some good nurseries, too: I was particularly taken by the one off the high street (again, if you're interested, I'll remember the name and contact details).

Devora Sun 08-Jul-12 21:04:51

PS. You'll love it here and balham will soon be just a distant memory.

zoe55 Mon 09-Jul-12 21:40:28

Hi Devora, thank you for the tips. I work 4 days a week in London (although currently working 5 days until October) and would to leave him be for at least 2 days and may be a local childminder 2 days as his nursery isamazing and he is so settled but would still love to hear as much info as possible about nurseries and local childminders as got 2 yrs left until school!. Thank you everyone for advice. Really looking forward to moving. Xx

BettyandDon Wed 11-Jul-12 15:18:06

I really wouldn't consider this for a nursery. For a job that you couldn't do without maybe at a push, but not a nursery.

I used to drive 3 days a week from Richmond to Mitcham and it was without doubt one of the worst things I ever had to do regularly. I left my job in the end. One day I counted 41 traffic lights or roundabouts on the way there. I would average about 15mph the whole way there and my foot would just about be numb from sitting on the clutch the whole time. There is no direct route really and the South Circ (nearest direct route) is very busy always. All it takes is a crash/ road works and you can double the length of journey. Mine took between 1hr 10 mins and 2 hrs. It was totally variable you had no idea on the day how long it would take and therefore had to leave 2 hours to ensure you got there at a specific time. I felt like I had a part time job as a South London cabbie in addition to a full time job. It was HORRID.

zoe55 Sun 15-Jul-12 15:22:29

Thanks guys! I think I need to realiseit's just not possible to keep him where ds is for nursery, 2 hours before even starting with tubes!!! I'm not sure I can justify it! Any advice on childminders and nurseries would be hugely appreciated! Xx

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