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Isla77 Sat 18-Aug-12 14:52:13

Here are a couple of Mums and Babies/toddler groups that are in Hampton. Have not been myself as my children are older but worth a look.
Scribblers Parent & Toddler Group
Hampton Methodist Church Hall, Percy Road, Hampton Middlesex TW12 2JT
Come along and meet new friends! Possibly the longest-running playgroup in the area (over 25 years), we have many toys including push-along cars & trikes, brio trains, lego, play-kitchen with play food, books, dressing-up, a baby area with baby toys and a craft activity every week, often linked to annual festivals or interesting themes. Arts and crafts are our speciality.

We are in two halls so lots of space! After tidy up, we have singing time. We have a party each term, with extra activities such as face painting and cookery.

You can check what we're up to each week on our website www.scribblers.org.uk or find and like us on Facebook - search for Scribblers Playgroup.
Other Information
Tuesdays 9:30am-11.15 noon £2.50 for adult and first child, subsequent children over 1 year or adults 50p extra (price includes coffee/tea/juices & biscuits for whole family). Term time-only. Non-profit making and entirely run by volunteers.

Stay & Play
The Whitehouse Community Centre, 45 The Avenue, Hampton Middlesex TW12 3RN
We have a range of inclusive toys suitable for all age groups. The session includes free-play, art and craft activity, healthy snack and ends with a group song time. Children and adults can play and interact and make new friends.
Other Information
From 09.30-11.00 every Tuesday during term time. Age range 0-5. £2 per session.

hamptonmummy Fri 03-Aug-12 01:02:13

Hi, I'm Hayley 31 from Hampton & have 8 week old William. I don't know anyone in the area so would be interested in meeting up with some other mums xx

SkaterGrrrrl Fri 20-Jul-12 09:27:45

Hi Kelly

Im not in Hampton but Im new to SW London too. Come join the chat on the thread called "Is there a Richmond / SW London chat thread?"


SWEETY Thu 19-Jul-12 12:11:12


If you log in then just click on Message poster that is on the right side of your name CravingSunshine.

Ive sent you a PM just incase you if you require an evening Babysitter at any time in Twickenham or Hampton.


CravingSunshine Wed 18-Jul-12 19:33:51

Hi KellyDG I'm moving to Hampton in early August. I've been living in Twickenham and don't know anyone up there so I'd love to meet up. Need to work out how to PM! I've got DS who's 20 months and a little DD of 6 months so pretty full on. I go stir-crazy at home on my own with them both so really need to get out and meet like-minded folk. I'll be living near Hatherop Park which is great. But need to explore other play areas and groups in the area.

SWEETY Sat 02-Jun-12 16:47:56

Hi Trakster.

Ive sent you a private message.

Many Thanks.

Trakster Sat 02-Jun-12 12:18:21

Hi There,

I have been renting in Teddington since moving south last year and am moving to Hampton in August.

I have 3 kids and work full time. I currently have an au pair but she is leaving in September. At this stage all my 3 children will be at school in Twickenham and I can't decide wether to get another au pair or find a house keeper/nanny to do a couple of pick ups a week (my mother can do 2-3) and some house keeping. I suspect I will only need 10 hours a week. I have the space for an au pair but it feels a bit unnecessary when all 3 children are at school until 3.30 every day.

I would really appreciate any advice you have on local availabilty for house keepers and nannies.

Many thanks

SWEETY Sat 28-Apr-12 17:33:51

Hi KellyDG.

Yes, Welcome to Hampton..

Im in Hampton.Ive not got any children myself but I know that Hampton is a great area for children.You definately wont get bored around here.

Ive worked with children, got 10 plus years experience, so please feel free to get in contact with me via the Mumsnet website if you feel you would like a babysitter.

Enjoy Hampton.Its a lovely area.

Magicrabbit Sat 28-Apr-12 07:34:52

Welcome to hampton! There are some groups that take place in the children's centres, of which there are two - tangly park, near the sainsburys local in Hampton and Norman Jackson centre, windmill road, Hampton hill. They run various groups for free and are always friendly so pop in for a timetable.

My ds is 2.5 but in the past we've been to jigsaw playgroup in sunbury, which is on every weekday, also there's one in St Francis de sade (sp?) church on windmill road. Can't remember the name so may need to google it.

There's another one in a church in Hampton too, on The Avenue (maybe all saints church?). worth a google too.

Hope that helps as a starter...

KellyDG Fri 27-Apr-12 23:35:40

Hi Everyone,
I have a daughter who has just turned 1 and I have recently moved to Hampton. I don't know anyone and was wondering if anyone knew of any nice groups I could/should go to in the area to maybe meet other mums... Or if there are any mums in the area who have children of a similar age who would like to maybe meet up, I love my daughter to bits but the endless days with only her for company while my partner is at work is starting to drive me insane, I even find myself singing the intros to programmes on cbeebies when I'm in the shower or washing up! Please help me before I lose my mind! :-) x

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