Views on the Vineyard Organic Nursery?

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lily370 Sat 24-May-14 18:31:30

Ummm this doesn't match up with what I saw when I went to have a look around. I saw very organise nursery, staff were fully aware of what is going around them.
I am very picky person but I liked the way the room was set up and staff interaction with children. However I had a look around few other nurseries But at the end decided to register my doughter with Vineyard Nursery. To make sure I am making right decision for my doughter I had two visits and in both visits I was quite happy with what I saw.
All the staff were very supportive during the setteling procedure I felt very well come as well as my doughter. Despite I wasn't sure at the begining but I am ver happy now so as my doughter.

Ebaneezer Mon 19-May-14 15:27:53

Babies and toddlers were mixed in a room with no real separation, so just in one settle in visit watched as a boisterous toddler knocked the baby over (twice) and tipped a basket of toys over her head . Staff had to be prompted to do something, and eventually a staff member sat separately with the 7 month old. The room manager was experienced as was was one staff member, but was clearly unable to fully manage the room of 8 / 9 staff as other staff not trained. When queried, with the room manager, you just got a sholder shrug and "oh they're from an agency". Also sat and watched as a toddler went and hid from the staff under a table, and nobody really knew she's disappeared. Not at all how it was sold on the show round

Wobblybitsandbobs Mon 30-Dec-13 16:58:51

Anyone got any more recent experience of this one? Ta muchly!

blueskysunshine Wed 24-Oct-12 15:13:30

Yes, we went for it and I am happy with our choice. I went on gut feel really, much preferred the manageress to the one of the Asquith Richmond nursery (which was rated outstanding by ofsted). The girls in the baby room seem very nice and the lady in charge of the baby room is older and knows what she is doing. They seem to really know each child well, they aren’t just “a number”. My son seems to enjoy it. The outside space is poor but that isn’t too much of an issue whilst they are really little. £75 a day isn’t too bad for the area, its less than asquith (£83) and moreover all food, nappies, bottles of milk etc are included.

DollyDiamond Fri 14-Sep-12 17:47:40


I looked at it too. While I thought it was beautifully kitted out and liked the manager, I thought the fees were very expensive for somewhere un-rated by ofsted (in competition with other local outstanding/good ones), the outside space wasn't great and the staff looked pretty miserable.

I wasn't sure about only having 2 rooms. While my son is a robust 2, mixing with 4-5 year olds who might not fully appreciate being "gentle", could end in tears (probably theirs!).

There's a new place opening in Richmond/North sheen next week - have you checked it out?

Camb79 Thu 13-Sep-12 16:48:53


I wondered did you send your son to the vineyard nursery? I am also looking in the area and liked it on the tour, but would love another take on it.

Best wishes,

blueskysunshine Thu 12-Apr-12 17:10:16

I am considering putting our son into the Vineyard Organic Nursery in October when he will be 9 months - does anyone have any feedback about this nursery? I can't find anything online at all about it...

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