AIBU to tell you it's the biggest Nearly New Sale we've ever done on Saturday?

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RichmondNCT Wed 07-Sep-11 14:49:34

It's also our last sale until the new year so if you like a bargain get down to The Barn Church in Kew on Satuday morning.

The sale is ticketed so you can browse similar items at once like in a shop and there's a cafe where you can have a drink and a bit of cake before heading off to pay for all your fab bargains after everyone else has queued up.

For more info there's a listing in local or click here

Snackbag Wed 07-Sep-11 22:40:16

The last one was great - I'm on the look out for a buggy this time - do doors open at 10:30 again?

RichmondNCT Wed 07-Sep-11 23:53:47

Yes, unless you are an NCT member with a valid membership card or if you buy an advance ticket you can get in early at 10.15am. You can buy online by clicking on the link in the OP.

I would suggest getting there early if you want a big item like a buggy, cot or highchair because they tend to go quite quickly and you can take your pick if you're first. I've seen some amazing buggy bargains at previous sales so fingers crossed we should have something for you!

Glad you liked the last one smile

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