birthday party for 4 year old.... on a budget in Teddington or nearby

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leafymum Mon 22-Aug-11 11:31:06

Can anyone recommend a venue for a birthday party in teddington? My son turns 4 soon and I need to get moving on the invites soon.

I am hoping for between 10 and 15 little ones

I would love it if the venue organised games

And food, although I would be prepared to do this myself.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


leafymum Mon 22-Aug-11 11:38:00

ps. I can spend up to about £150 but I would hope this would include food. I don't know if this is realistic though.

vbus Mon 22-Aug-11 20:14:40

you could try sports centre, greenacres or Little fishes

Bestbabbymum Wed 24-Aug-11 22:15:11

i had my DS birthday party at greenacres recently, he turned 3 and we had 12 kids same age. although the venue was good, i was not impressed with everything else...the food was ok but not much of entertainment...we were lucky with the weather so the kids just ran around by themselves... they could do the same in a park...if you don't expect much, it should be ok...good luck!

hester Wed 24-Aug-11 22:19:35

Lots of people seem to use Teddington sports centre with a bouncy castle; don't think the venue organises the games though.

How about one of the church halls with an entertainer? Most of the entertainers do a show plus games plus face-painting/balloons, don't they? Think that might squeeze your budget, though.

That new cafe on the high street does cupcake-making children's birthday teas, but maybe that would work best for a smaller group.

Happy Potter does children's parties - don't know how much they charge.

You really want a soft play centre, don't you? We're a bit short of those in Teddington [sighs with relief]

Bestbabbymum Wed 24-Aug-11 22:34:16

little gym in hampton seems quite good for birthday parties with soft play are and 2 entertainers, they are quire expensive though and don't offer any food...

leafymum Mon 05-Sep-11 14:58:36

Thanks so much for your advice. I have booked the Teddington Sports Centre, it seems to be the best value. I'm not allowed to do lunch but I can take snacks for the children and a big jug of squash. I'll take a couple of flasks of tea and coffee for the grown ups.

It's £111 for 1 and half hours. I'll organise my own games and there is time at the end to blow out the candles and cut the cake. I think it will work out well.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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