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Hope all your dcs have written to Santa already before they see the Toy Show!

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tubridy was fab, great empathy with the kids (you wouldn't have seen pat the plank wiping dribble of that wee girls chin!)
I snuggled up under a duvet on the sofa this afternoon and watched the re-run with the kids (needless to say they didn't make it to 9.30 on Fri night!)

BloodRedTulips Sun 29-Nov-09 11:47:03

tubridy was brilliant wasn't he? grin

bless him he looked so nervous at first but he was great with the kids, really got down to their leval and got some hilarious chat out of them.

Putting on the repeat for the kids this afternoon, was too late for them on friday (they're 3 and 4)

My two are now 1hr past normal bedtime and starting to fade...I'd be very surprised if they manage to stay awake to even see the first 5 mins!
Hurrah for Ryan T, should be good craic grin

BloodRedTulips Thu 26-Nov-09 13:14:44

yep.... although dd took until this week to wean her list down to just one thing from everything in the damn smyths catalogue grin

i bought it yesterday and have had the boys toys for weeks already.

looking forward to tubridy doing it, the plank was god awful at it and it just hasn't been the same since gaybo left

Buda Thu 26-Nov-09 12:42:18

Good idea! I don't get to see the Toy Show these days as am living in Hungary but loved watching it as a child.

DecorHate Thu 26-Nov-09 12:37:12

Mine have never watched it before as we are in the UK but we are in Ireland this weekend so they will see it - I feel a bit mean that I made them write their letters this week but I was worried they would be tempted by all the toys on the programme and change their minds, when i have already got what they wanted originally!

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