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Moving to Ireland and would like to link up with mumsnetters there

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dustythedolphin Fri 20-Nov-09 14:14:19

We're moving to Co Clare in the new year and I am wondering whether there is a Mumsnet Irish thread (did a search but couldn't find a recent one) or any meet ups in Ireland?

I will be working across the west/mid west Region and have 3 DCs aged: 9, 6 and 2

Anyone out there who fancies chatting online and
/or meeting up if geographically feasible?

dustythedolphin Wed 09-Dec-09 18:58:59

<visualises herself as Bonnie from B&C>

Thanks SBS wink x

dustythedolphin Thu 17-Dec-09 16:41:00

Hallooo - have another two local queries:

SBS you may know...wink

Do you know anywhere local (or online who can deliver) who do ultr cheap furniture like this type of thing 894/c_2/3%7C15701148%7CBedroom+furniture%7C14418001/c_3/4%7Ccat_14418001%7CCanvas+storage%7C14418016 .htm
We need a couple of wardrobes for the house but its probably cheaper to buy locally than to ship from the UK

Also, any tips on any nice restaurants in the area, or areas where we'd find choice?


sobloodystupid Sun 20-Dec-09 20:58:49

Hi dusty, the nearest Argos store is in Limerick and they deliver for a fee of about ?40, there are a couple of stores, Brodericks of Killanena (North Clare) who are very reasonable and have good quality stuff... I will rack my brains for you.

The best restaurant I have ever eaten in is in your area: its The Black Oak is between Miltown Malbay and Lahinch and it's fantastic and brilliant value, great for seafood and great for everything really. We've only ever eaten there a deux it's so nice we didn't want to spoil it by bringing the kids grin. Coogans in Miltown was always very nice, but you have the Armada, the Bellbridge and Admiralty Lodge (all hotels) that offer the usual stuff. Ballyvaughan and Doolin specialise in seafood dishes, so you've plenty of options. I'm not sure that there's a Chinese in Miltown

dustythedolphin Mon 21-Dec-09 09:26:10

SBS ooh tthat's really useful local info, thanks! Just the kind of stuff I need to know

I'm not fussed about a chinese TBH as I'm not keen oin Chineses food. We had our worst ever curry in Lahinch but I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but its pone of the last buildings on the left, just as you drive out of Lahinch on the N67 going south tto Miltown Malbay. It was almost inedible

dustythedolphin Mon 21-Dec-09 09:26:28

blush at typos sorry

sobloodystupid Mon 21-Dec-09 19:05:16

I know the one that you mean, near the Church and Youth Hostel! We "ate" a disgusting meal with the PILs there, much nicer to go into Kenny's pub get a steak and a drink, or else there is a nice Chinese on the left in the Main St in Lahinch.
I think it is a rite of passage to go to that Chinese tho - as all other places will seem like The Ivy in comparison!

dustythedolphin Tue 22-Dec-09 10:06:56

lol yes that's a good way of looking at it - anything else tastes great in comparison!

dustythedolphin Sat 26-Dec-09 18:49:52


dustythedolphin Sat 26-Dec-09 18:55:34

Did a last minute trip to Argos (sale) and Primark (warm and v cheap clothes) panic trip today. Social engagements have wound down now and we just have 5 days mega packing ahead of us <wipes brow>

One more question (for today anyway) - what is the best car rescue service in Ireland? Had a look at AA but seems tres expensive, are there others anyone would recommend? Thanks

FiandB Thu 03-Feb-11 20:45:37

Hi everyone, I know this is an old thread but couldn't find any more relevant ones so hopefully some of you are still out there? I'm really new to Mumsnet but had a question I thought this might be a good place to ask...

My dh's job is moving to Dublin in the summer and we'll be moving over for a few years with 2 kids- currently 22months and 3months- and I'll be a full time Mum.

Where would be the best area to live in/near Dublin? We live in a small village near London at the moment and would like something fairly similar with good activities and lifestyle for the little ones. Any ideas welcome

Nassau Thu 17-Feb-11 16:11:33

Hi FiandB. Get thee to and join. It's an Irish parenting site (a good few of the Irish ladies on here are also on You'll get more answers there.

It all depends on what you want in the area you want to live in. I live about 12miles from Dublin, which I like a lot as it's where I grew up, but other people would think it's a right dive. smile

bagelmonkey Fri 27-May-11 09:20:23

Hi FiandB
I'm new to mumsnet and moving to Ireland in the summer for husband's job too!
We have an almost 4 month old and we'll be moving to Dublin.
Have you found somewhere to live? I can share the advice we've had from friends if it's still relevant to you.

FiandB Tue 07-Jun-11 20:11:27

Hi bagelmonkey

Our move has been put off til the end of august so we're watching the property websites but haven't actually chosen anywhere yet.

Because of where my husband's work is we're looking at north Dublin and focussing on Malahide and Howth. We're going over to have a look around this week (and also look at some nurseries) but any advice would be really helpful.

How's your move going? What area did you choose?


bagelmonkey Sun 03-Jul-11 06:09:06

We're moving to Sandyford.
Most of our location advice from friends was for south/south west for DH's commute to work, so not really where you're looking. We used to find somewhere.
Moving over the next couple of weeks. I haven't seen the place we'll be living yet (left it all up to DH!). So fingers crossed. wink

sobloodystupid Sun 03-Jul-11 22:37:24

Hope you settle in and enjoy life over here! Welcome in advance...

Sligomum Sun 20-Nov-11 21:19:11

Hi, i'm new here, only found out about mumsnet since getting the book from the library, and thought i'd give it a go... Really,glad there's an Irish thread, I live in Ballymote , Sligo. Moved here 3 years ago from London and have 3 Dc, 18, 16 and 12. Anyone out there near me?

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