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Moving to Ireland and would like to link up with mumsnetters there

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dustythedolphin Fri 20-Nov-09 14:14:19

We're moving to Co Clare in the new year and I am wondering whether there is a Mumsnet Irish thread (did a search but couldn't find a recent one) or any meet ups in Ireland?

I will be working across the west/mid west Region and have 3 DCs aged: 9, 6 and 2

Anyone out there who fancies chatting online and
/or meeting up if geographically feasible?

dustythedolphin Mon 23-Nov-09 18:16:41


sobloodystupid Mon 23-Nov-09 18:21:13

hello dustythedolphin. Luckily I'm in Clare and am ready to assist(poor you!)
I haven't heard of any meet ups but I've not been very active due to new ds. Generally the Irish thread isn't terribly active, we're too laid back methinks...

Doobydoo Mon 23-Nov-09 18:28:27

We moved back to UK end of March.We were in County Waterford.
Try have lots of info and discussion groups and it is split into areas as well.
All the best for you and your familysmile

KnickKnack Mon 23-Nov-09 18:29:00

Irish threads pop up now and then but tbh they always seem to fizzle out grin
I always end up forgetting who lives in Ireland until they mention it again on a thread.
Don't think we've ever had a meet up here, but I think a few have gone over to one of the big meet ups.

I'm up near the north

KnickKnack Mon 23-Nov-09 18:31:03

I always found rollercoaster to be a bit wishy washy but its worth having a look, you might bit up some useful bits n bobs there

E45 Mon 23-Nov-09 18:35:43

The Irish economy is on it's knees, are you sure you are doing the right thing ?

Doobydoo Mon 23-Nov-09 19:25:10

Agree KnickKnack...but they do have meetups and good for finding your way round re childcare,employment[or lack of]etc.

Doobydoo Mon 23-Nov-09 19:26:05

Agree E45,Hence our main reason for movesad

dustythedolphin Tue 24-Nov-09 08:55:24

Hi thanks for your replies

SBS (waves) whereabouts in Clare are you? I'm flying over tomoz to find a house to rent, probably in Miltown Malbay/Mullagh/Spanish Point area

E45 - well that a crucial point about the economy but I agreed with DH to give a two year period for me to find a job (he's retiring) and have had two good job offers with the first month of looking. I think I have just been lucky with the timing. I agree its risky though. We're not selling UK house, but renting for first 1-2 years just in case it all goes pear shaped and I end up with no work and have to come back

There are some positives though: better quality of life, fab schools, MUCH cheaper housing than UK

Knick knack where abouts are you?

Doobydoo - thanks I will check out that website

dustythedolphin Tue 24-Nov-09 18:33:34


Kerrymumbles Tue 24-Nov-09 18:51:12

i'm in kerry!

i don't get up to Clare much though

dustythedolphin Fri 27-Nov-09 13:41:16

Hi Kerry 9waves)

Do any of you know whether, if we bring out TVs over from the UK, they would work in the Republuic of Ireland. Would we need to get them re-tuned or anything? <clueless emoticon>

BloodRedTulips Fri 27-Nov-09 14:27:52

yes, us irish cailiní really aren't the best at keeping in touch blush

i'm sure i have a few MNers near me but either they're avoiding me because i sound like a nutjob (very possible) or we're just shite at arranging meetups

i'm up in roscommon so not much good to you but welcome to the country grin

tv should be fine, you won't have to do anything other than the usual retune when moving house... or better yet get sky and the lovely sky man will do it for you (and fix your floor while he's got the drill out if he's like mine grin)

dustythedolphin Fri 27-Nov-09 17:39:44

Blood Red grin!!

Yes we intend to get Sky! We missed our plane back the other night and were saved when we booked into the B&B at the airport, turned on the TV in our room to find, to my great joy, Dr Who was on - courtesy of Sky!

Essential for any parent - thanks for the tip about the TV - will take a couple with us, rather than having to buy new TVs and get Sky Man to sort us out wink

Kerry - did you used to be KerryMum?

I'm in Donegal

Are you or your DH Irish? or local to the area you're moving to? If not, be prepared to forever be known as blow-ins wink grin

Be prepared also for a very laid back way of living...
we don't go to the pub until 11pm,
if we say "see you around 6, or the such and such event starts at 3...we mean at least 1hr later!
I am renowned in my family for always turning up early (ie on time!)

anything you need to know just shout, we're a friendly old bunch

dustythedolphin Fri 27-Nov-09 23:15:15

Thanks Knick Knack !

DH is aboriginal australian and I am of Irish descent

He used to live in the village 20 years ago and was a bit of a local hero, because of the shared history of English colonialism, ppl used to come up to him in the street and say "are the English still giving you a hard time then?" grinsterday Londoner inside me wink

I am starting to understand about the laidbackness ....and trying to say goodbye to the stressed out "I want it and I want it yesterday" Londoner inside me wink

dustythedolphin Fri 27-Nov-09 23:16:15

Oops, not sure what happened there! blush

Kerrymumbles Sat 28-Nov-09 00:39:14

yes i used to be kerrymum. I had tv from belfast that I used when i moved down to kerry with no problems. so i don't think uk tv would be problem though i could be wrong....

Your TV will definitely work fine here, as will anything and everything else you want to bring with you (probably including your sterling)
we use the same wattage for electrical appliances
there is no "regional problem" with DVD/games etc as exists between UK and America

how is the area you're moving to coping with the weather at the moment? any flooding in your area?

dustythedolphin Sat 28-Nov-09 15:50:48

KK and KM thanks for the telly afvice

Can I ask you about a couple of other things. I understand there is no NHS equivalent. What do ppl do about healthcare and dentists, particularly for the children?

Thanks again

dustythedolphin Sat 28-Nov-09 16:11:24

KK the area we are going to was fine actually, though Ennis and Shannon seem to be on flood planes and ppl there are suffering terribly, many homes and businesses are under water

BloodRedTulips Sat 28-Nov-09 19:27:11

dusty, low incomes are eligable for a medical card or gp visit card depending on means but i'm not sure you'd qualify so soon after moving.

for the rest you either need to have insurance which will cover hospital fees and possibly dentist (depending on cover) but you'll have to pay for gp and pharmacy.

You could chance doing without, hospitals will treat you with no insurance unlike in the US but the bills will be enormous... hundreds per day for a hospital bed, thousands for scans, etc.

GP's are expensive, 50-80 euros per visit depending on whereabouts you are and pharmacies can be very pricey too... although you can sign up to the drug payment scheme to ensure you never have to pay more than 80 a month but afaik you still pay up front and they refund the differance at a later point.

To add to what BRT said, even if you think you are on a reasonable wage its worth applying for the medical card (it covers GP visit, out of hours GP, everyday dentist, many hospital treatments, prescriptions and more), even if you don't qualify you may get a GP card (which just covers visits to doc).

children get free dental care via school dentist.

Our local citizens advice is an absolute mine of information, she tells you everything you need to know and more (ie you don't need to know exactly what to ask for...does that make sense??)

You also pay to have your dustbins collected (we pay per wheelie bin or black bag). I recycle almost everything so bin charges are minute.

The offset to all these charges is the fact that we dont pay council tax, water rates etc. ie you are only paying for the services you actually use. When I lived in UK and paid council tax I always felt like I was paying for services I rarely used (eg doc and dentist), so I prefer the system here
<<disclaimer: I know this is a massive over-simplification of the situation!!>>

when are you moving? (too lazy laid back to scan back up!)

BloodRedTulips Sun 29-Nov-09 11:41:02

totally agree with knick knack on that score... we have a better system in place for those who are badly off and those who have to pay do only pay for what they use... and there are ways to cut down on costs if you want. for example bringing stuff to the dump and recycling centres yourself works out cheaper than paying for wheelie bins, although is more hassle.

if you shell out for a good health insurance policy almost everything will be covered, some even give money back for gp visits etc, although if ye don't go to the docs often you're probably better off with a basic policy that will cover you for emergancy hospital trips but nothing else.

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