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So chit chat has failed so far, so lets do politics.... Lisbon anyone?

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PinkTulips Tue 14-Jul-09 15:33:41

Seeing as we're not much good at the chat stuff i thought i'd attempt heavy discussion..... what do we all think of Lisbon and the governments plans to vote again?

I don't get a vote in referendums (coz i is forrin) but dp has no opinion of his own on anything so i tell him how to vote wink,.'We' voted YES last time and will again however despite thinking the voters made the wrong choice it does concern me that the governments attitude is simply 'Oh well, they didn't do what we wanted so we'll just ask again'

Surely if the answer was NO, it should remain NO until the issues that cause the voters to vote NO are resolved or answered in some reasonable way?

I don't agree with the NO vote but given the complete lack of information and complete lack of information that was presented by the various politicians in the run up i'm not surprised that the vote went that way.

The government in my opinion failed to give a comprehensible and honest explanation of the Treaty to the voters, the resulting confusion and misunderstandings caused a lot of voters to mistrust the treaty and become very paranoid.

VintageGardenia Wed 29-Jul-09 23:32:43

I was just about to shut down & go to bed when I noticed there was an Ireland spot on the MN Locals! I had no idea. I think I might have looked before for Dublin but never noticd this one.

Sorry this post is not about Lisbon it's just saying hello. My eyes are rolling round my head & my contact lenses are sticking to my eyelids so I won't get stuck into Lisbon tonight but I'll be back!

KerryMumbles Thu 30-Jul-09 00:48:07

i think it's shite. It's a fucking joke. They didn't like the way the vote went so they are going to have us revote? wtf?

littledee Thu 30-Jul-09 16:44:31

Lisbon is like having a patronising teacher sitting over you and going "No, you got it wrong, try again".

I'm a presiding officer for elections and in that respect am happy as polling days are my only income (apart from the now dead in the water childrens allowance) but I'm not a happy camper at being asked to vote again, as we got it wrong the first time around!! Smack on the bum, do it right!!!

Does that make sense? Apologies if rambling, rare moment on the internet while DH amuses our 14 month old.

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