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Calling all mums in North-West Ireland

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LornaG Sat 28-Jul-07 10:50:49

I left a similar message on the main site message board but hoped I might find a mum or 2 up my way on the local site.

KnickKnack Sun 17-May-09 00:07:09

I so the same!!! grin
and quite often I do the same with grin grin

KnickKnack Sun 17-May-09 00:07:24

even when sober!!!

boomirrin Sun 17-May-09 00:12:27

Lol it must just be over exuberance of having them available grin I'd rather blame that than being tipsy anyway....

KnickKnack Sun 17-May-09 00:15:35

<notices the lack of ! in boo's last post>

boomirrin Sun 17-May-09 08:53:01

I tried so hard, glad you noticed!

Sligomum Mon 21-Nov-11 23:36:49

Only just noticed this thread, wonder if you're all still about? Live in Sligo, is that good enough, have 2 ds and 1 dd. Can meet up over lunch if any of you are interested

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