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Pay for Mothers

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genthemom Mon 23-Jul-07 17:48:11

Hi all,
learned about this site from Newstalk106.

We, a group of mothers and carers, have decided it is time that Mothers and Carers got pay and recognition for the 24/7 work of rearing children.

In the 60s and 70s when women looked for equal pay, mothers were left out as there was no equivalent male job or pay. BUt now with so many mothers going out to work and needing Nannies, creche workers and other home helpers to take over the childcare we now have an equivalent job and now is the time to seek equality for Mothers and Carers.

A Nanny or a Carer now commands a pay of 10 to 12 euro an hour for their work. As a mother has to provide care for children 24/7, that amounts to 168 hours a week or 1,680 euro a week !!

If you would like to support the Pay for Mothers send an email saying "yes, to pay for mothers/carers" with your name, location and email address.

When we have 250,000 "demands" for pay it WILL BE A REALITY.


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