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KerryMum Sun 01-Jul-07 23:09:10

LOL Chipmonkey - being an American you can just imagine how good my Irish is! Luckily his father speaks it - but it's northern Irish that he knows and from what I gather they pronounce certain words differently, etc.

chipmonkey Sat 30-Jun-07 00:05:07

Poor ds1 and ds2! We are now having an "Irish day" at home once a week because neither of them got a good report in Irish! If only I could remember how to speak it myself it would be a help! They are even banned from watching Sky and Nickelodeon on Irish day now, they have to watch TnaG![evil emoticon}

northstar Fri 29-Jun-07 13:44:48

Ds came home with a certificate of excellence I am Soooooooo proud
Think they all got one but hey...

PinkTulips Fri 29-Jun-07 00:33:33


i can't wait for this stuff with mine, lol

KerryMum Thu 28-Jun-07 16:27:53

DS1 got his 3rd class report card today!

And can I just say how proud I am of him?

He got excellent on each and everything thing except "Attitude to other pupils" in which he got Very Good.

[bursting emoticon]

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