My sons 4th birthday party

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321snoop Mon 25-Apr-11 14:17:59

Hi does anyone have any advice on having a birthday party. I haven't had the pleasure and this will be my first of many. I have been checking out the softplay option and also the different local sports centres. Wont be having it at my house so needs to be something like this. Really just looking for value for money so i can invite quite a few kids and not have to pick and choose.

Flojo1979 Mon 25-Apr-11 17:05:29

Hi, I've had a party every yr for my DS, its his 6th bday party in 2 wks. having it at local soft play but as its on same day as his class mate, we r joining forces and splitting the bill!!
I have in the past hired the local community centre and bought a mini bouncy castle from tesco and taken ourdoor toys from home, balls, and lots and lots of balloon and made up sandwiches and other party food. That was cheaper option for having more kids, they didnt need entertainer, were just happy running around together etc.
Soft play usually have basic rate then loads of add ons, like football ones etc. I'm just doing basic soft play this yr since we got 25 going, but if u want to do this u could have fancy dress too and even with a theme etc.

321snoop Mon 25-Apr-11 23:03:19

Thanks for that it has given me quite a few ideas. I will check first and see if anyone in his nursery has a birthday coming up. Good idea to split the bill as it will mostly be his chums that will be going.

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