Meets ups?

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KaybeeandZak Fri 14-Mar-08 17:04:20

I have only just discovered mumsnet local - just wondering if anyone on here actually meets up....
I have a ds 15.5 mo and ds2 is due in 4 weeks!

totalmisfit Tue 18-Mar-08 09:42:44

Hi Kaybee. i'm not sure if any meet-ups have happened yet. I have a dd who has just turned 2 and would definitely be interested in meeting up smile

KaybeeandZak Wed 19-Mar-08 08:36:03

Hi totalmisfit smile
Where do you think we could meet up - maybe a playground or something? It's always difficult isn't it, trying to figure out a place where you can find each other without having to go up to every stranger!!

Bubbaloo Fri 28-Mar-08 22:14:24

I'm also happy to meet up-have met loads of other mums on herewink.
I have 2 boys-eldest will be 3 in June and the yougest is nearly 1.
Kaybee-I've chatted to you before,via emailsmile.

KaybeeandZak Fri 28-Mar-08 22:34:22

Oh yeah Bubbaloo, i thought I recognised your name! We were going to try to meet up weren't we! grin So hard to organise stuff!

Bubbaloo Fri 28-Mar-08 22:53:11

Think I was 'chatting' to you from another sitewink.

KaybeeandZak Sat 29-Mar-08 12:06:10

Any idea where we could try and meet? I am due in a couple of weeks, but as long as baby doesn't arrive early can hopefully make a get together. Otherwise, I might have to wait until I get organised enough to head out of the house with two under two!shock
Totalmifit are you still around???

totalmisfit Sat 29-Mar-08 15:54:48

yep - still around. wondering where would be the best place to suggest...? as you're about to have your next dc, probably best if you let us know where's best for you!

KaybeeandZak Tue 01-Apr-08 16:44:04

What about soft play, like Kids corner in epping or Tumble in the jungle ? Don't think mine would sit still enough for a cafe anymore which is a shame as it sounds much less exausting!

totalmisfit Sat 19-Apr-08 12:45:42

i know what you mean, dd doesn't sit still for a split second these days! agree soft play or something would be best - there's quite a good one in Leytonstone (Cathall Leisure Centre) if that's not too far afield? It doesn't get too busy during term time usually.

Sorry haven't checked mn local for a while, i expect you've given birth by now! Hope you and baby are doing well, let us know when you're feeling up to getting out and about again smile

KaybeeandZak Sat 19-Apr-08 22:40:49

Nope not yet, still waiting for the damn baby to make an appearance hmm Currently 3 days overdue....

I know the soft play at Cathall, ds had swimming lessons there until a couple of weeks ago! Def be keen to meet up once I've had this baby.

totalmisfit Mon 21-Apr-08 09:32:39

Oh you poor thing - it's no fun when you're overdue, is it? DD was 6 days late and i was climbing the walls! we tried everything - going for a curry, having a really long walk in the park, i even ate a whole pineapple because the hv said it would help get things moving hmm

KaybeeandZak Mon 21-Apr-08 13:55:08

Haha ha we have two pineapples waiting in the kitchen..... tried it all last time with ds though and nothing worked. Have mw appt tomorrow for sweep i guess, and appt for acupunture on weds and am off to try find some chinese herbal remedies this afternoon in a shop a drove past in chigwell!! As you can see i am very desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

totalmisfit Tue 22-Apr-08 13:00:27

i don't blame you, the waiting game sucks! anyway, good luck smile

KaybeeandZak Thu 24-Apr-08 12:30:43

thanks, still waiting shock

SandyDennyWasAGreatSinger Thu 24-Apr-08 13:34:05


poor you!!! i don't know what to suggest... i know you've already had a membrane sweep - have they given you another date for trying induction?

(it's totalmisfit by the way, i've namechanged)

KaybeeandZak Thu 24-Apr-08 14:14:03

Ahhh I was wondering who you were!

Induction booked for Sat at the mo.

Have some more acupuncture booked for this afternoon so I guess that's my last ditch effort..........

tokentotty Sun 27-Apr-08 22:07:14

Hey chicks,

Another local girl here, not read through the whole chat but just realised a couple of you hanging out to give birth. Tried chinese accupuncture (practitioner in George Lane, South Woodford) or reflexology ? Know of someone who was a midwife and now just does reflexology and actually comes round to you. Hope to be of help, and perhaps meet up when the new arrivals finally make it !!

Kaybeeand2boys Sun 04-May-08 13:03:44

jacob andrew finally turned up 28 apr at 5.06am weighing 8lb4oz

ThereseC Tue 06-May-08 22:51:59

And another local girl here - would be lovely to meet up whenever you're all up for that!

Kaybeeand2boys Wed 07-May-08 22:30:37

hi tokentotty and TereseC
I think i was the only one waiting to give birth! No meets up planned yet but could try to arrange something for a few weeks away? Hopefully i should be ready to lleave the house with 2 ds's by then!

SandyDennyWasAGreatSinger Fri 09-May-08 14:18:26

Congratulations Kaybee!!! Great name btw. smile

PurpleOne Thu 15-May-08 03:29:50

Well done Kaybee grin

billybass Thu 15-May-08 09:57:35

I am local too.

Congrats on the new baby

I would like to meet up but I work so its difficult for me...

Kaybeeand2boys Wed 21-May-08 21:37:53

Thanks everyone.
So who is still keen for a meet up???

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