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RedbridgeLINK Thu 08-Sep-11 10:22:36

Hi, our charity - RedbridgeLINk - is holding a meeting on next week - September 14th 2011, at the Ripple Centre, Barking, about maternity services in the area.

This is in response to a number of stories in the press in recent months.

We want to hear your experiences - good or bad - of maternity services in Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Havering.

See link below for further info:


HollyS2004 Tue 01-Feb-11 22:47:41

Oh I had my daughter at Whipps X. Same midwife did all my antenatal care and then was called in at 2am to do my delivery. Was in the midwife unit. Had Jodie at 5am and was home by 3.30pm. Couldnt fault it. Not sure if midwife unit still there cos they are rebuilding i heard.

Hazbo Tue 14-Dec-10 17:32:34

I had my baby at Queens in August. If you are classed as high risk (as I was), you are in a massive room that turns into an operating theatre if need be. You have your own bathroom and 2 seats for your birthing partners.
I received absolutely excellent care whilst giving birth. The care on the ward wasnt so great though but thats for another thread!

Roxy25 Mon 13-Dec-10 16:54:15

I had my daughter at Queens in Romford (where you're sent if booked at KGH and more serious) had pre-eclampsia and needed to be induced.

Was EXCELLENT - except labour ward full and missed epidural.

Slim black lady consultant was superb.
Georgia the midwife lovely too.

I'd never go to Whipps. Everybody in NCT had dire time there and googling it and reading local papers but me off big time esp as building works on mat ward in autumn 2009.

garbhini Thu 22-May-08 10:11:26

Thanks all for your replies, i didnt even realise messages had been posted. I have opted for KGH. I have been happy so far with the antenatal care and the tour of the labour ward, i guess we just have to see what happens on the day/night!

Bubbaloo Fri 28-Mar-08 22:16:19

Small world eh?
Actually I've just looked on your profile and you do look familiarwink.

PurpleOne Fri 28-Mar-08 00:30:58

Bubbaloo, I lived about 5 mins walk from KG when I had both my dd's!

Bubbaloo Thu 13-Mar-08 23:49:25

To be honest,there's always horror stories at every hospital,so I personally would just go to whichever was nearest,unless that hospital had a really bad reputationwink.
I had ds1 at Harold Wood,heard nothing but horror stories and found them excellent.
Unfortuanately they closed down last year so I had ds2 at Queens who again were fantastic.I also know a few people who hated having their babies there,so I really think that alot of it is to do with what kind of labour and delivery you have which of course,you can't plan in advance.
I live 2 minutes from King George's,spend alot of time there and it's not my favourite hospital,but again I know plenty of people who have given birth there and said it was great,although they've all said the after care wasn't too good.
whichever you choose,I wish you lucksmile.

KaybeeandZak Thu 13-Mar-08 21:04:47

I had ds in King George and didn't have a very good experience. Though I was induced so obviously nothing went to plan... Couldn't bear the thought of going there again so am trying Whipps this time (due in 4.5 weeks!)

PurpleOne Mon 28-Jan-08 00:29:53

I had my 2 dd's in King George. Level of care was good, they pretty much let me do what I wanted (within reason).

HarrietTheSpy Fri 25-Jan-08 22:53:41

Have a look at this website, per the discussion in the papers today about midwifery care in England. Whipps does better than Homerton!

www.healthcarecommission.org.uk/healthcareproviders/nationalfindings/surveys/healthcareproviders/sur veysofpatients/maternityse/reviewofmaternityservices2007-london.cfm

Yummers Wed 09-Jan-08 10:31:52

tbh i didn't have the strength or the energy to do much complaining. i was (perhaps understandably) very eager to get out of the place asap, then once we were home i just got so overwhelmed with caring for dd, and then i had PND for a year, so by the time i resurfaced it all seemed too long ago etc...

doup76 Tue 08-Jan-08 11:23:53

My SIL had a planned c-section at whippsx in the summer. It went very smoothly and she recovered very well and quickly. However the surounding "care" was pretty diabolical. As she was in a room, they kept "forgetting" to bring her something to eat and drink. Luckily with family nearby we went in with food parcels 3 times a day!

HarrietTheSpy Mon 07-Jan-08 21:40:11

Yummers! That is terrible! Did you complain?!

I just found out an acquaintance who went there had an unbelievable experience with a scan. She wanted to know the sex of the baby - they couldn't see it but instead of just leaving it at that they took great pains to emphasize that they "Don't tell Asian women the sex anyway." She goes: "I'm not Asian anyway." I understand some hospitals are sensitive about this, but they should have the brains to just say: We don't tell ANYONE the sex, not make a racist moronic comment. Especially when they couldn't see it anyway!!!! A few cards short of a deck, as they say.

YummersBrandyAndMincePies Mon 07-Jan-08 12:03:56

had dd at whipps x - not a pleasant experience. i was 4 cms dilated upon arrival. after 8 hours of being stuck in a dungeon-like room, with an ever-changing, nameless barrage of midwives - trained and untrained, pulling prodding poking, but refusing to talk to me or treat me like a human being, i was still only 4 cms dilated and had to have my waters artifically ruptured. Oh how i wish i'd stuck to my original idea and had a home birth! i expect it would have been over much more quickly, and i would haved had the attention of a couple of midwives for the duration instead of this endlessly shifting, changing, disappearing, wandering array of people. If you choose whipps x just be prepared to be treated like a number rather than a person. After the birth, i was left in a dirty room with the remnants of the birth all around me for about 2 hours. I was left sitting bolt upright in a plastic chair ( i could have haemorraged because of this, but no-one seemed to care) i was made to walk in the nighty i had given birth in, unaided to a shower which was miles away, past the general public who were wandering in and out. luckily by this stage i was to humiliated, angry and exhausted to fight whatever i was told.

i also had huge bubbles of air going into my arm from the drip and was basically ignored and then derided by the nurses when i mentioned it. i later found out this is potentially fatal.

HarrietTheSpy Thu 03-Jan-08 03:44:37

Hi Hi
This is a long response, sorry!

I've been to Homerton once and am booked in again for June. I've had positive experiences there, they have great consultants if you need one, and a fantastic SCBU, again you don't want to need one but if you do, it's there. Whipps has, ancedotally, a worse rep than King George. My only experience of Whipps was with an ectopic pregnancy- wouldn't go back, but not sure it's mainly because I had such an unhappy experience there it's coloured my views overmuch. Some friends say it's fine - you should check, though, that they are doing more than one scan if that's important to you. One of the reasons I avoided it the first time is that in 2004 they were only doing one scan, an anomaly at 17 wks. At Homerton (and I THINK) King George's they do the 11-13 and one at around 20 wks or so. King George is now offering midwives to assist at home births, if that's of interest. Whipps has en suite bathrooms in the private rooms...Homerton does not...not sure King George. A great consultant at Whipps is Sarah Hussain, who treated me for the Ectopic (albeit privately) but she also practices out of Whipps. I would have considered going there if I could have gauranteed her to be there the night I was going in, but not pos. For what it's worth, my independent midwife prefers Homerton overall, says it's the best.

I reckon you'd find UCH a bit far no? Friends in Islington have had their babies there - the care is fine, but overall not sure it is worth the trek it would be from our area. My friend got shoved in a bed in this big communal room with practically no privacy. It was horrible and wouldn't have been worth the trip. I guess they have a new birthing center though - not sure when it opens.

When I had DD in 2004, the A13 was closed - took two hours to get to Homerton. A one off, I know, but something to consider if you are really thinking of travelling that far.

Is Barkantine that new place on the Isle of Dogs?

garbhini Tue 01-Jan-08 11:51:25

Hi everyone,
Was just wandering where some of you may have had your babies or where you may be thinking of having them. Any opinions on Whipps X, King George, Homerton, UCH or Barkantine?

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