Anyone around?

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LostinEssex Thu 29-Nov-12 13:25:09

Hello! I live in North Ilford, am 46 and have a 7-nearly-8 yr old DD.

I'm a bit of a Billy-no-mates as most of my close friends have moved out of the area and now that DD is school age there aren't the mum/baby groups to meet new people.

Following the 'No Friends' thread on the go at the moment, I'd love to have some local friends to do coffee/pub/whatever with.

Anyone up for it? I promise I'm not a weirdo/hairy-handed trucker/Justin Bieber fan...grin

shortys Sat 22-Feb-14 10:26:35

Hey, i could do with a few more mum friends... My older son is 9...i work so looking for someone who likes going out on a Friday or Saturday evening....

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