Epping activities for a 2 year old with newborn in tow!

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curlyLJ Fri 15-Jun-12 18:32:49

Have you got an info leaflet for Brambles Children's Centre? I think they are based in Epping Library, but sessions are run in various locations...I'm sure there would be something that would be appropriate for both DCs.

I am also looking to meet up with other mums for coffee or organised activities for the children (have a 2yo DD) locally. Can't really seem to find much activity on MN in the Epping area...

Celia9 Fri 01-Jun-12 09:59:44

Hi there, I've also just moved to Epping and have a 7 month old baby daughter. I am now working out the local baby groups, now that most of the boxes are unpacked and I finally have a moment to look into things. I can let you know what I find and in the meantime I'm trying to meet more mums locally, so do let me know if you fancy a coffee or something - not sure if you already have local friends or not ...

Martyn82 Tue 01-May-12 02:02:32

well today is my due day for my second chld (hurry up little man!), my daughter is 2 and I recently moved to Epping. I am hoping someone can advise me of some local-ish clubs/groups/sessions that are good to take both my children too, once I'm up and about again after the birth?

Would love something to keep her entertained for a couple of hours (and hopefully wear her out!), that I can take baby along to as well. Doesn't have to be free and I can travel too, so all suggestions welcome please!

Thanks so much x

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