Moving to Reading - please help me get enthusiastic about Reading life!

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saskipops Wed 22-Apr-09 21:42:36

I'm relocating to Reading and was slightly worried when a chance encounter with a Reading based mum left me with the distinct impression that there is little for young kids (2&4yrs) to do by way of activities eg sports, music, drama. To make things worse she dismissed all the local secondary schools to the North of the city, (where we are likely to be based) as "hmmm adequate".
Please help instill me with some optimism and enthusiasm for our move to Reading - what delights await us, beyond shopping at the Oracle?!

Many thanks

PS We aren't yet commited to living in N Reading - so if you agree with her comments and think we should be considering a move somewhere else with decent access to Reading/Slough/Windsor your thoughts also welcome!

Docbunches Tue 05-May-09 15:46:40

Yes, DS is in Y9 too. He's in the 'E's (as opposed to the 'M's). Like your DD, he's just chosen options - which I noticed you had posted on another thread in Education, hence realising that we're in the same neck of the woods.

Small world, eh? smile

My DS's initials are, coincidentally, DB and he is quite small with red auburn hair, but very quiet/shy so your DD may not really be aware of him.

LongDroopyBoobyLady Tue 05-May-09 16:00:47

DD is also in the E's (Drake).

DD's initials are HL and she says she thinks she knows your DS but isn't too sure - she doesn't think he is in her tutor group. I guess it's such a big school that their paths might not cross often despite being in the same half of the year!

Yes, what a very small world!

Docbunches Tue 05-May-09 16:48:43

DS also in Drake but his tutor group is 9LK, or affectionately known as Leftover Kids. He thinks he knows your DD and says she's possibly in the same tutor group and/or classes as two of his best friends (Alex and Michael)?

Anyway, gone way off topic now - will shut up I promise!

PS - next time we're at a parents' evening, I'll get DS to point out H (that's if you happen to be there at the same time as us) and I'll say Hello. smile

LongDroopyBoobyLady Tue 05-May-09 17:11:31

If Alex's and Michael's surnames both begin with B then DD knows who your DS is!

How exciting, and yes wave at parents' evening and if I remember I'll get DD to point out your DS (I have a terrible memory).

Sorry for the thread hijack.

Docbunches Tue 05-May-09 19:22:10

Yep, both begin with B !

galaxymummy Tue 05-May-09 19:25:13

I am a south of the river earley person and like it however I have friends in caversham who are very happy so I would suggest whichever is likely to give you the easiest commute.
There ar tons of kids activities yoga music football rugby pottery singing a place for good info is the popular reading nct under 5 guide or ring childrens information centre,be happy wherever you end up

saskipops Sat 09-May-09 21:44:45

thanks again all!
now we just have the small matter of finding a house......

aditi Wed 19-Sep-12 08:11:45

Thanks for sharing all the infromation about Wokingham and Reading areas.

Need help in deciding between Aldryngton and Radstock Primary School.

Moving to rental property in Aldryngton catchment will cost us £6000 more as compared to property in Radstock catchment.

Is it worth to spend this amount? DH can afford easily, but I am just thinking if it is really worth?


dumbelina Wed 19-Sep-12 17:15:38

My DS is at Aldryngton and loves it. It is a lovely school with a one and a half class intake (45 children), so after foundation, y1 and y2 are mixed, and so on up the school. It recently had an outstanding ofsted and has a really nice community feeling. I can't comment on Radstock other than it is a bigger school, but still has a good reputation. How old are your children? It is worth bearing in mind that both these schools are oversubscribed and so you would be unlikely to get an older child into either school.

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