Childminders and Hairdressers.

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mim64 Wed 04-Jun-08 08:57:34

Hi everyone,

I have two questions. Firstly I am looking for a childminder to pick my son up from a pre-school in Burghfield and look after for a couple of hours on a Tues and Fri and also look after him on these days during the school holidays. Can anyone recommend someone, I have asked a friend who is a childminder but she says that all the ones that she would trust are full. I have been put off in the past about using a childminder as I met one in Active Tots and she was very aggressive with a little boy she was looking after and did man handle him quite roughly, so if anyone can help that would be great. We live in Mortimer and my son goes to pre-school in Burghfield so a childminder in this area would be good.
Secondly, can anyone recommend a good hairdresser that will actually listen to what I want and not chop to their hearts content. I had my long, long hair cut last Sept when I was in Devon, thought I would take the plunge as I wanted a complete change, the style was very nice, but when I came back home I went to my usual hairdresser who cut the style out, then when I went to another hairdresser for a trim, she decided that I should leave my hair naturally curly, so all she did was cut it and charged me £30.00 and left it damp. I was nearly crying walking home but I am such a whimp I did not ask her to dry for me. Anyway if you can help with any of these thanks in advance. x

mammamic Tue 24-Jun-08 16:20:06


I know an excellent CM who was my DDs CM for over 3 years. She lives in Caversham - is that any good for you?

Hairdressers - I trust and go to Harris Paul and Indigo Rye - both in Caversham. Not cheap though. a cut, colour and 'treats' (shampoos and various that you tend to get when you just get a new hairdo) can come to £150....

good luck and let me know about CM

mammamic Tue 24-Jun-08 16:21:25

PS my DD calls me 'Mim' and I'm now known as Mim in a few circles. My DD htought it was hilarious when we saw Sword in the Stone as the witch is Mad Madam Mim and that's what she calls me!!

f1nut Thu 26-Jun-08 14:30:58

mammamic im after someone to do 11.30 nursery pickup and look after lo till 3, would this women have places do you know and what schools does she do pickups from?


how r u?

mammamic Wed 02-Jul-08 11:11:19

Hi F1nut

I'm good - how are you? we really need to get our act together and organise a get together for Reading mumsnetters over the summer....

the child minder has probably got places and i know she picks up her child at St Martins.

she'll also be doing New Bridge pick up from 11:30 quite soon as one of the children she looks after will be starting soon.

the only issue is that if you wanted from 11:30 to 3pm, she may want to charge for a full day as she wouldn't be able to take any other children on those days but it may be worth a try.

If you send me your details - age of children, days, where etc and a contact number, i'll pass them on for you.

I also know another child minder from my DDs nursery - if my ex CM can't do it, i could ask the one at nursery. she's also highly recommended and my DD adorres her - she's a friend of our ex CM so the children all know each other.

let me know

HannahCraig Wed 09-Jul-08 13:18:44


Am new to the Caversham area and have just had a baby. Am looking for Childminder for when I return to work end of this year.Am guessing the good ones get snapped up quickly. My daughter will be about 8 months old and I am looking for three full days a week care. Does anyone have any recommendations?


mammamic Mon 11-Aug-08 13:29:52

Hi everyone

i've still not heard from the childminder - i think they're on holiday and i've been a bit manic too so may have missed her calls.

let me now if ur still interested.

she would want to know:

post code
age of child
days/hours of work
drop off/pick up or will you drop off at her home

hope everyone is well

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