caversham for teens

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amarcord Mon 01-Feb-16 12:54:29

Hi Reading mums, your help would be massively appreciated with this: we are considering a relocation from London to the Reading area, and quite like Caversham so far. What's it like for teenagers? Do they go out to central Reading in the evening? How safe is it there overall- Reading does have a bit of reputation for being rough at night in places but is it true? I'm hoping not any worse than West London where we are at the moment. TIA!

AbbieRuin Fri 05-Feb-16 14:30:40

Yes, the Caversham teenagers I know go into town along with everyone else if they're going "out out".

I don't think Reading's any worse than any other similar area - my kids have never got into and or seen any real trouble, and I think I've only heard of one of their friends getting mugged (well, getting his phone snatched).

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