battle, wilson and oxford road primary schools

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fragglepants Thu 13-Nov-14 23:01:36

These 3 fall into my catchment, have never been throu the whole school selection process and dont know where to start, would be great to have your thoughts on these schools. As many are oversubscribed is choosing a school out of catchmet a wasted choice? What are other good schools in the tilehurst area that you would reccommed as near my workplace.

T25daisy Fri 14-Nov-14 09:57:10

I think Battle has a new head who is good & making improvements. I don't personally like the school, it just felt a bit prison like , but it is 2 years since I went round and it is doing much better now.

Wilson is meant to be very good but would imagine it will be hard to get a place there.

I don't know anything about Oxford Road these days but I haven't heard anything negative about it. It used to be a pretty tough school but then Id imagine no schools in this area of Reading are a walk in the park for a teacher.

There are some great schools in Tilehurst area but inevitably all of the decent ones are very over subscribed.

T25daisy Fri 14-Nov-14 10:00:26

I can't see the point in selecting an out of catchment primary which is over subscribed, you won't stand a chance. How far out of catchment are you willing to go? If you're willing to drive a bit you might find a small rural school who need their numbers boosting. If you really want localish then you are best sticking to catchment I'd say.

T25daisy Fri 14-Nov-14 10:02:13

Southcote is increasing its intake for 2015 I believe. That's not far away and is rated 'good'. Friendly school with good facilities, bit higgledy but heart in the right place.

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