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artiface Thu 30-May-13 22:13:24

We will be coming to live in the Reading area. I have to admit to being a bit bewildered as to where to live! Please can you help?
I fell in love with Sonning village and I think, having grown up surrounded by trees, I am drawn to the greeness and the fresh air, but its very expensive!
I am searching mainly on the web, we are an hour away by car, and can only visit on a Saturday afternoon, so it limits our detective work!
We need to be able to get to the Uni area, but travelling there looks pretty straightforward from several places, I've done a little looking around in the close proximity there but not found any roads that enticed me. (apart from one or two very expensive ones!) I have heard the traffic can be a problem, but I do cycle, so at least when its not too wet I can do that!
I was wondering about Caversham or the Mill area by the river?
Please can anyone suggest actual roads to explore, to narrow our search? Preferably older properties, leafy and quiet
Thank you for your help!

NaughtyTom3000 Wed 05-Jun-13 13:01:56

Hello! I've been living in the area you are looking at for about 10 years, and Sonning Village is a lovely place to live but the traffic can be horrendous. That's not to put your off entirely, but there are other gorgeous areas nearby that might be worth looking at, particularly if you like a village feel.

I'd recommend looking at Sonning Common/Kidmore End/Stoke Row/Peppard areas. A little further out from Reading, perhaps, but probably takes the same amount of time to get into the Uni area. These are all really green leafy areas, lots of lovely walks, and also all have great friendly communities for you to join, and good country pubs too! Primary schools are mostly excellent around.

Caversham also has an excellent and very sought after primary. It's quite a convenient place to live for Reading, but doesn't have such a village vibe.
Hope that helps,

artiface Fri 07-Jun-13 09:29:45

That really helpful thank you! Its so useful to have an area to focus on - I'll make more sandwiches Saturday and we will explore - thank you!

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