In-year admissions in Goring area

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goringmum Wed 15-May-13 09:11:42

Hi - I currently live in North Yorkshire with my 6 year old son who attends the local primary in Y1, so he'll be going into Y2 in September.

My partner lives in Goring and we are hoping to move in with him after 2 years of long-distance this summer.

I was hoping that there might be people living in this area who could offer advice about the current school place situation - has anybody made the move to Goring and not been able to get a place? If so, whereabouts do Goring residents send their children to school? Are all local schools full? I know that things can change and children may move last minute so there can never be certainty but it would be good to have a general picture, in particular advice from anyone who has moved into this area and not been able to get their child into a local school.


NaughtyTom3000 Wed 05-Jun-13 13:04:28

I can't speak from personal experience in Goring, but why don't you call the schools directly and have a chat with them about which classes have spaces? I'm sure there would be waiting lists your DS could be put on, even if there aren't currently spaces.

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