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GenUser Thu 10-Jan-13 10:15:56

Hi All,

I and my wife have decided to move to Reading. We have been living in UK for the past 7 years and now after lots of thinking and discussions we have decided to move and raise our family in Reading. We have narrowed our location to be Caversham in specific. Reasons to choose are:
* Nice part of Reading where as a first time buyers like us can afford to buy a decent house.
* Proximity to the train station
* Good school choices.
* Shopping options are not too close and not too far.

Coming to my question, we have seen a house which is for sale in Caversham's The Willows area. Its ticks every of our boxes and we are really like the location and house. Both of us always wanted a house closer to river and this house is very close to River Thames with good walking track and park.. This is good and also bad. Bad in terms of flooding. This house is built in 1980s and they never had any issues of flooding. And this locating is never been flood in the last 60-70 years (as far as I know). We like the house and everything that comes with it. So to make a decision whether to put offer on this house or not is holding in our decision/research towards flood.

May I request the member of this forum to guide us on the process we should take now. Any agency, people, council to see and check the possibilities of this house get affected by flood. Will it have any impact on this house price in future when want to resell it (Obviously this house is also an investment in the hope it will appreciate to give us decent return). We don't want to make a decision based on what my heart says, we want to go by our mind. For our mind to assert this case, we want facts. Where can i get those facts? I don?t know any process/step/reseach I shall do in terms of flooding before buying a house.

I have tried to get some quote on houe insurance to check whether insurers cover this house or now. I am getting quotes between £385 ? 425. So they are covering. I hope while doing conveyancing this will be covered. But this will only confirm whether this house has been affect by flood in the past or not.

Thanks in advance.

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