West Berkshire Primary Schools - Basildon/Yattendon/Streatley/Bradfield Southend/Hampstead Norreys.

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ashampstead Wed 09-Jan-13 14:34:09

We're in the catchment for Yattendon so will be putting this down.
Also considering Basildon due to a pre-school connection.
Struggling with our third choice and really wondered if anyone had local/recent knowledge/experience of any of them?
I know you can't tell much from an Ofsted report and having done visits, it would just be nice to get some personal feedback.

streatley Mon 04-Feb-13 09:22:45

Streatley is an excellent school (although to be honest they all are); extremely happy children and a lovely environment. Benefits of Streatley (and Yattendon) over Basildon is it's in the Downs catchment, as opposed to Theale Green. Secondary school doesn't seem that far away, but it comes around quickly!

Pangbourne Tue 19-Mar-13 20:52:34

My friends son is at yattendon and had settled in well, he loves it.

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