Any Streatley/Goring mums out there?

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Kelleyr23 Sun 12-Aug-12 22:00:18

I just joined mums net and tried posting this earlier but I don't think it worked as I hadn't logged in properly. I'll try again...this fall my husband and I are planning to move with our two daughters (3 and 6) from Guildford to Streatley/Goring. I've visited and the area is lovely, the primary and secondary schools are all good, and the property is (maybe slightly) more affordable than where we are now. It's quite a bit smaller, but I'm hoping someone might have some tips on what's happening in this area and what activities people do with their families (or for themselves)? For example, gymnastics/dance for kids, keep fit for me, etc. Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Kelley

streatley Tue 21-Aug-12 11:39:00

Yes - been in Streatley for 9 years now. There is a difference between the two villages, so which one are you going to? Once the children start going to school, we've found there's less interaction between the villages, as obviously the children mostly play with their classmates.

Lovely places to live - obviously Streatley is better, but Goring's not too bad, and has the river, shops and train line. Streatley has the views, and the better cycling/walking. Both have good pubs. Streatley's recently been designated a 'village' (helpful!) so can't be developed (and it's surrounded by the National Trust land). Goring is a Regional Service Centre, so apparently can!

It is a very outdoorsy place (we let the kids (8,6) play in the woods alot, building dens), with cycling/walking/boating all incredibly popular. Couple of junior football teams, tennis club, sailing club, boat club, Nixercise, hotel gym, superb cafe, great pubs and restaurants. Great community atmosphere (check out the jubilee stuff online, and a Night glow last night).

They're an expensive part of the world, and in Streatley especially not many houses come up, so they do go quickly. But it is worth it - superb place to live, and we can see ourselves there for another 25-30 years.

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