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RichardGB Fri 04-May-12 10:09:37

Hello all!

Our little family (mum, dad and baby twin girls) are looking to move from Kent to Henley. We are trying to decide on good areas of the town in which to look for a house. We'd prefer an older property with a decent garden and off-road parking, preferably detached or semi-detached, in a leafy-ish area within 10-15mins walk of the station.

The roads south of Greys Road look great, although many of the houses are quite (very) expensive. However, it seems that the closer you get to Harpsden Road, the cheaper the houses. Is that true? Why should that be?

Are there any problem areas where we are looking? I see there are some houses on Western Avenue that look maybe like social/council (?) housing, but all looks happy and tidy when I look on Google Streetview. People appear to look after their houses and the roadside. So, is the area just outside Vicarage Road/Western Avenue/South Avenue a quiet, comfortable place to live?

Also, which areas have been more prone to floods in the past?

Thanks all for your help!


Gimboid Wed 16-May-12 23:55:56

Hi Richard,

I have a friend who lived on Western Ave and it was lovely there. We have just secured a place on Harpsden Road opposite I'm told is ex-local authority housing (we were worried as we are moving away from a not so nice area to get back to Henley!) but I really don't think it's a problem area. I checked out the police site where you can see a bit more about crime hotspots,%20Oxfordshire%20RG9,%20UK. Good luck with your move, I love Henley, which is why we are moving back.

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