Maths tutor

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lem73 Mon 27-Feb-12 20:20:16

I have a son in Year 7 who needs a boost in maths. Can anyone recommend a tutor?

MissAmyC Tue 13-Mar-12 12:31:02

If you are based in London then I recommend Nightingale Tutors (google them and the website comes up) Everyone I know who has used them says they are really great.

lailamobell Sun 05-Aug-12 01:34:56

Hello, its says this message was posted few months ago but I was wondering if you still are looking for a maths tutor for your son. My husband has been teaching for three-years in a secondary school. But now has started private tutoring for children all ages. He has all the qualifications for this proffession, we are based in north london... Let me know if you are intrested many thanks.

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