things for dads in Reading/pangbourne surrounding area

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ilovemywellies Thu 05-Jan-12 14:06:08

Hello all,
My husband does a lot of childcare for our 14 months old when I am at work, and has really struggled to get connected with other dads or male carers in the area. He's fairly shy and finds a room full of women quite intimidating! He's really getting a bit isolated now.

We have found it hard to find mid week activities he can go to. As he works shifts he can't make many weekend things at all (and if he is free then i want his help from not having him about much anyway!).

Does anyone know of any mid week groups either for dads/male child carers, or where lots of Dads go?

We had frequented sing along with marjorie a lot, but i hear she has retired. Tragedy for us, and not so sure it will ever be the same!

appreciate the help!

gotkidz Sat 07-Jan-12 19:21:22

Hiya there is a great songtime at the Salvation Army in Lower Earley on Fridays at 10am- 11.15am and alot of dads attend, Its very friendly and you get a drink and biccie only a £1.00

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