Reading playing at home - congestion?

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PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Fri 09-Dec-11 08:46:29

Dh has tickets for a Reading match at the Madjeski on Saturday. Kick-off at 3pm.

What's traffic going to be like around there? What time should I drop them off if I want to avoid being stuck in traffic? Will it be practicable to combine dropping them off with going to B&Q/Costco/Madhouse?

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Fri 09-Dec-11 13:18:10


ladydeedy Fri 09-Dec-11 16:56:28

where are you coming from? best thing is if they can get the bus from the station otherwise you will be stuck in traffic (and contributing to it!).

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Fri 09-Dec-11 19:50:42

Coming from Wokingham.

I don't even know how long they would be there - could I take them to the match and then spend the rest of the afternoon at B&Q/Costco/Madhouse, before picking them up to go home? Or does a 90minute match mean they will be in the stadium for 3h? What time do they need to be at the stadium for a 3pm kick-off?

None of us have ever been to a football match before!

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Fri 09-Dec-11 19:51:33

Actually, I could easily pass 3h at B&Q/Costco/Madhouse!

DialMforMummy Fri 09-Dec-11 20:01:58

I'd get him to use the bus from the station, there's normally one. I think it'd be easier.

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Fri 09-Dec-11 20:10:47

We need to go to B&Q and Costco in any case, so if we go there beforehand, by what time should we leave to avoid getting stuck? Dh and the dc would then come home by bus and train. I would only collect them if I was staying in the area, I wouldn't return there.

DialMforMummy Fri 09-Dec-11 20:30:23

I don't really know but I'd say 1.30 to be safe.

ladydeedy Fri 09-Dec-11 21:19:39

I think you could drop them at 2pm so they can get to where they need to be and to enjoy the pre-match build up. Match wouldnt be over till 4.45 at earliest so they could get the bus and train back or they could walk back to the south side of the motorway to Three Mile Cross and you could pick them up from there (about half an hour walk for them and therefore enough time for you to drive over from wokingham...).

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Fri 09-Dec-11 23:08:20

Thanks smile

ladydeedy Sat 10-Dec-11 09:03:45

Hoping for a win for Reading!

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Sat 10-Dec-11 09:45:42

Doing my best not to feel uneasy about my PFB and PSB going to a football match. I lived most of my life a few tube stops away from Wembley, and match days could be quite frightening. Even as an adult I avoided traveling by tube on a match day. I can't quite believe that a football stadium is an appropriate place to bring young children.

RunsWithScissors Sat 10-Dec-11 09:55:26

I think Reading is a pretty tame ground. Always see loads of pEople with kids walking al

RunsWithScissors Sat 10-Dec-11 09:58:05

I think Reading is a pretty tame ground. Always see loads of pEople with kids walking along.

Costco, b&q and madhouse are all good options to spend time at. Maybe go for lunch to pizza hut (same area as b@q), so you can head over early?

Waspie Sat 10-Dec-11 15:41:16

I don't go to see the football but I have been to see London Irish play Wasps (rugby union) several times and we always get the stadium shuttle bus from Reading station. The train from Wokingham to Reading only takes 10 minutes so it's a very quick option. I assume there's a similar bus service for football matches.

ladydeedy Sat 10-Dec-11 17:33:52

Reading is a v family friendly club and I am sure they will love it! It's not like the old days. No trouble at all, just the odd bit of chanting and friendly banter. So pls don't worry.

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