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Nevienunusmummy Tue 08-Apr-14 21:54:27

Hi I live in Leyland if anyone fancies meeting up during the day for a coffee and a chat, I have an eight week old little girl and want to meet some new mum friends

MaDodd Wed 02-Feb-11 21:38:49

I've just moved to Leyland and don't know a single person here. I have two children aged one and three and am only off work on a Thursday. I have no idea how to go about meeting other Mums because the toddler groups seem to be on the days I'm at work. Does anyone know if there's anything on a thursday? It's difficult to travel far with two, so fairly local would be good...

citruspreston Mon 10-Jan-11 13:44:00

You can try Citrus Club in Preston. It's a not-for-profit social network for professional people.

Probably not one to bring your kids to, but ideal if you have teenagers or if your kids are grown up. We organise regular social activities, such as badminton, pub quizzes, meals out etc.

See for further details..

Annabel10 Sun 14-Feb-10 21:26:27

Hi MCL79, I live in chorley and have found there is lots to do. The astley park pram walk is a good one- you meet at the gates every thursday at 10am and after a walk in the park people go for a brew in the park cafe, really great way to meet people. Also, theres a mother and baby swimming class on a wednesday morning at the all seasons leisure centre which was good when I went. There are several children's centres that have all sorts of free groups on e.g wednesday morning at Dukes st childrens centre there's a playgroup. If you are happy to pay a small charge there are several soft play centres ( cheeky monkeys in whittle, playmates in coppull) where you could meet other mums/dads. I hope this info helps.

MCL79 Sun 07-Feb-10 21:03:48

Hi, just joined the wonderful world of Mumsnet because I was led to believe that I would be able to meet up with other mums. However, I live in Chorley and there doesn't seem to be anything happening here! I have a little boy who is nearly 10 weeks old. If anyone would like to meet up for a coffee and a chat, let me know.

Jsim77 Wed 03-Feb-10 11:26:41

Anybody around the Longridge area - as would love suggestions of friendly groups here and how to meet up with mums. Have just moved back to this area and finding it hard to meet mums as everybody at postnatal seemed to know each other already. My little boy is now 1year old.

I often travel into Preston though so anything in this area also good idea.

Thanks x

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