Meeting mums near Fulwood? HELP!

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waitingforalittlelamb Sun 20-Nov-11 19:50:02

Hello, I know this is an old thread but I'm pregnant for the first time and live in the Broadgate area of Preston. Just looking to meet other mums/pregnant ladies as I'm the first in my friendship group smile

ymumz11 Wed 07-Sep-11 10:10:00

Hi there, I have just set up a business on winkley square in Preston called yummy mumz..I specialise in pregnancy and post pregnancy massage..however I have also set up a new mums and mums to be coffee morning @ starbucks, deepdale retail park starts thur 15th @ 10am you get free coffee and discount vouchers for what's on in your area if your interested. It's free and a chance to meet other mums in the same position as yourself x

Middlekeen Tue 24-Aug-10 12:13:02

Have you tried Gyminies at Fulwood Leisure Centre? It's great for the more mobile littlies, but people go with babes in arms too. I go to the session on Friday mornings at 10-11. There are lots of other slots too though so it's worth checking out. It's a really friendly crowd, held in the squash courts so really easy to keep your eye on THEM while you chat to other mums. And because it's not 'led' by anyone there's loads of opportunity to chat.

There's definitely groups of people who know each other but I don't know anyone who would say "yep that's it, I've got enough friends now!!!" Helpfully, the groups tend to get split up at Gyminies as the kids career from room to room, activity to activity, so it's much easier to chat to individual mums.

krust123 Tue 20-Jul-10 14:49:47

Hi,I know this forum was a few months ago but I'm from Preston and I would like to meet other mums from the area too. Please could you let me know of any successfull places you have met other mums or ways in which to meet other people in the area.

crumbletastic Fri 26-Feb-10 13:04:08

Hello there. I know it can be hard work, especially if you are not naturally quite extrovert. I remember in my first month of visiting a baby club in Preston and I hardly spoke to anyone, and also felt I could not infiltrate an already established group. Now I notice that over the months I have settled nicely into my role in one of these groups and feel comfortable talking to them but remember my uncomfortable beginnings so always try and make an effort to talk to new mums which is hard for 2reasons 1, I am naturally quite shy and struggle with making coversation at the start 2, baby is now 1year old and I'm chasing him round the room and have less time to sit and start to feel comfortable with new ladies!

Unfortunatley I don't think there is a works everytime method but it does get easier the longer you keep going so don't let the fact you are finding it difficult prevent you from going. Out of interest which baby group, I'm wondering whether I've encountered you yet irl in my rubbish attempts at trying to include new mums.

DiddyDoody Wed 03-Feb-10 11:45:56

Thanks for this, will give the baby massage at West View a try.... just got to get dressed and out for 10 am eh....

Jsim77 Wed 03-Feb-10 11:25:42

Anybody around the Longridge area - as would love suggestions of friendly groups here and how to meet up with mums. Have just moved back to this area and finding it hard to meet mums as everybody at postnatal seemed to know each other already. My little boy is now 1year old.

I often travel into Preston though so anything in this area also good idea.

Thanks x

RugbyWidow Wed 27-Jan-10 21:22:54

Congratulations! I took both babies to Baby Massage at West View Leisure Centre. It's on a Tuesday from 10am to 12. Free sessions start with gentle excercises for mums and then you massage babies for the last half hour. It's really friendly, run by physiotherapists and people turn up when they can and break away to feed babies etc. so the babies dictate the pace and there's no pressure.

DiddyDoody Tue 26-Jan-10 01:03:34


I moved to Preston a few years ago with my partner and have just had my first baby (October 09).

I am finding it really hard to meet people and even at the baby group I attend, the mums are already in groups which seem a bit difficult to infiltrate

Anyone got any suggestions how I can meet mums in Preston? Particularly if there is coffee and biscuits involved

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