New Child-Friendly restaurant / events space wants your thoughts!

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CrikeyRuth Sun 01-Jun-08 02:12:40

Hi. Ruth and Jeremy have decided to take the plunge and take over the Continental, Preston. We are planning major changes inside & out and are busy refurbishing the place at the moment. It's always been one of our favourite pubs, but has been looking a little neglected in recent years. It's always had a great space for children to use and we hope to continue that. We'll be open by the end of July / beginning of August all being well and we hope you like the new look.

Food-wise, we'll be using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to offer a daytime, children's, & evening menus. We'll have a large range of soft and alcoholic drinks, including coffees, smoothies & milkshakes, cask ales, continental lagers, good wine and spirits. The garden will have heated areas, weekend BBQ's, and children's play equipment. We are also creating a unique events space that will work as a children's venue in the daytime and an evening music / arts venue for adults, where you'll be able to join in with all sorts of things from children's entertainment to stand up comedy, and everything inbetween.

We're still making decisions and would really like to know what you think about the children's space & needs. We are looking at providing children's entertainment from dressing up to gardening, book readings to clowns, and a party space for hire. We would much appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill in the following questions with as much info as you can - and feel free to get the answers from your children!

Please just email it back to feel free to post here also. If you've not got time, thank you for taking the time to read this and we will see you when we open!


How old are your children?

How often per month do they go to
Birthday parties?

Other children's events or facilities?

What sort of places do they go to for
Birthday parties?

Other children's events or facilities?

What would be your ideal facilities for
Birthday parties?

Other children's events or facilities?

What sort of entertainment would they have for
Birthday parties?

Other children's events or facilities?

What sort of price would you pay for these events or entertainment?

What sort of food would you want to feed them for
Birthday parties?

Other children's events or facilities?

How much would you pay for food?

How much would you pay for room hire?

What appeals about outdoor facilities / what would you like to see outside?

How would you feel about the venue being attached to a pub?

Do you have any other thoughts on what parents & children need to make their visit special? (ie space for strollers, changing facilities, events for parents and children together etc)

Do your thoughts on this differ from your children's, and if so, how? Who wins out most often?

Any other thoughts

Thank you for your time. will be online soon, or check our blog at

TheWoman Sun 01-Jun-08 02:25:27

You need to pay for small business ads.
The info is on the homepage.

CrikeyRuth Sun 01-Jun-08 22:42:33

Thanks for the info, I have no qualms about paying the money. However, I didn't actually see this as a small business advert, I was wanting general responses from a range of interested parents to see what the general expectation for children's events spaces and the like is. I cut and pasted this information from a questionnaire which is doing the rounds of friends online & offline. I apologise for any misunderstanding.

CrikeyRuth Sun 01-Jun-08 23:11:39

This is duplicate in response to your note on my other post:

I'm rather surprised you don't quash threads mentioning larger brands, shops etc, who undoubtably use marketing 2.0 strategies to raise PR profiles in internet communities through casual online conversation.

This is a genuine attempt to include real responses from users of venues & to increase inclusivity for parents in my local community. As a new mum of a 4 month old (& new businesswoman) I understand that parents have differing needs such as accessibility, breast-feeding awareness, and lack of turkey twizzlers on the menu. Presumably it is better to ask what people want rather than just say 'why don't you go to a wacky warehouse'? (sorry - potential advertising for the competition). I am more than happy to give the website £30 for this - however, this would be completely mis-placed as a small business advert. I have emailed the relevant people about the charges. Yours, Ruth Heritage

peasoup Sun 01-Jun-08 23:17:04

Message withdrawn

dmo Mon 02-Jun-08 10:54:15

hi we used to love the contintal so gald your doing it up. love the sound of acholic free cocktails as i'm always the driver envy we do sometime cycle up to the pub in nicer weather and last time we did we had something to eat (yummy) i now have older boys and there is not much for them to do in pub areas as its often got lots of little children on the areas

How old are your children? 10 and 11

How often per month do they go to
Birthday parties? 1-2 per year

Do you have any other thoughts on what parents & children need to make their visit special? (ie space for strollers, changing facilities, events for parents and children together etc)highchairs/booster seats
plastic cups/cups with lids, level areas (no steps for new walkers) toddler area (small area with baby toys)

for the older children: game consoles to play on, tables set out with games on (chess etc) colouring tables

CrikeyRuth Wed 04-Jun-08 22:00:07

Thanks, dmo, much appreciated x

Jennster Sun 20-Jul-08 00:03:16

Last time I was in the Continental was a few years ago with dd (then 3 or 4 months) in a pram. It's ideally situated, but it was full of pissed up bank holiday rude people and that put me off ever going again.

dd 1y6m ds 1y

1 or 2 parties a year (yes I know too young) but dd just about to start playing on slides and nets and stuff.

dmo Thu 14-Aug-08 11:37:25

when does the pub re-open?
we were gutted last weekend really needed a beer after our picnic in the park and our long walk

dmo Sun 24-Aug-08 23:08:55

hi Ruth
we were in your pub today love the new look smile it was quite busy
you could do with some more outdoor tables and chairs as there was no were to sit today and it was so hot indoors
food looked fab but we didnt want to sit inside but we will try it out soon
also i drink bitter and there wasonly manchester bitter to choose from (it was nice btw but i like smooth flow)

CrikeyRuth Thu 04-Sep-08 10:53:08

thanks for all your feedback

we're now open - we also were gutted that we couldn't open earlier in the summer, has been hard getting it all up and running but we're almost there now, except for a couple of teething problems, unsurprisingly.

we are getting games etc for older children & a toddler area. we're children friendly but we're not wanting chaos throughout - equally, we're grown-up friendly but won't let them run drunken riot either. a happy medium.

we're getting an outside play area installed next spring. we're also having some family days including children's puppet theatre in the run up to christmas - and a 2 week run in december.

and if we ever get sun again there will be more tables & chairs outside,plus picnic blankets for on the grass in summer next year!

any other feedback please let me know


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