What is there for kids to do around Preston?

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donquixotedelamancha Thu 20-Jul-17 00:35:43

Yep, I got the email too. I've got two little ones- 1.5 and 3.5, so the oooh thread got me thinking it would be good to share some kiddie ideas. I'll start us off:

1. Worden Park, Leyland. Fabulous playground, cafe, ride on mini steam trains running weekends in summer, nice gardens.

2. A bit far, but.. Happy Mount Park, Morecambe. Splash park, huge playground, mini trains again, gondola rides. The normal park stuff is free, and the more impressive ones are £1-2. It really is a fab day out. Gets very busy.

3. Penny Farm, just outside Blackpool. Horse rescue centre. Free to look round at the horses. I like free :-)

4. Old Holly Farm, north of Garstang. Collections of animals (including cuddling baby chicks) and a few outdoor toys are free. Indoor soft play, not free. Cafe and shop.

LocalEditorPreston Fri 20-Oct-17 14:43:40

Loads of stuff to do around for Preston. The Harris museum has a whole load of free holiday events. I love taking the kids cycling around the Guild Wheel which is far better now my little boy has graduated to a bigger bike!

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