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ssouthall Wed 13-Aug-08 13:31:49


I'm a new mum to be later on in the year (Nov) and wondered if there were any other mums around in Whiteley. Would be great to find some friends near by...

x smile x

franglais Wed 20-Aug-08 16:15:01


Thanks for your message after my post! Whiteley is literally about 10-15 mins away from me so like you said it would be great to hear from you too! When in November is your little one due? Do you know what you're having yet? We're having a little girl, we were too impatient to wait until the day to find out! xx

ssouthall Wed 27-Aug-08 21:56:46

Baby is due 1st November but as both myself and DH were late babies MW said I may as well add a fortnight to that as it is hereditary. Didn't want to find out what it is but am totally convinced it's a boy...thereare far more of those in the family than girls! How exciting that you are having a little girl...makes buying things so much easier. When in Nov r u due?


franglais Thu 28-Aug-08 10:41:18

Hey, I'm due on the 24th November but now after what you've just said I may aswell add a fortnight too!! I didn't realise it was heriditory.....! I know that I was 11 days late and my boyfriend was 10 days late!! I was convinced I was having a boy so it was a surprise to hear I was having a girl!!! You're right though it does make things so much easier when it comes to buying things!
Which hospital are you going to?

ssouthall Fri 29-Aug-08 14:39:59

I'm going to Princess Ann in Southampton, had the choice of Southampton, Portsmouth, Blakes or Winchester though!

I go to parent craft on Wednesday afternoons at Holbrook leisure centre but there are not many Southampton people! Lots of people seem to opt for Blakes. What have you chosen to do?


franglais Fri 29-Aug-08 18:40:15

I've never heard of Blakes? But then I am really new to the area!
I'm going to Winchester, I had the choice of either Winchester or Portsmouth so decided that Winchester would be the best place for us.
How did you hear about the Parent Craft classes?
I'm going to Antenatal classes (not sure if that's the same as parent craft?) and they start on the 11th September. They're in Eastleigh. We were only offered Eastleigh for Antenatal classes!
It's so different for every area though isn't it?
Do you work? If so when are you planning on going on maternity leave?

ssouthall Fri 29-Aug-08 22:15:04

Parent Craft is at Holbrook Recreation Centre in Gosport - my midwife told me about them. It is very like antenatal. A whole load of pregnant women get together and talk about different things, and afterwards we all go and do aqua in the pool. The Parent bit is free and the swim £3.40. All are welcome if you fancy it. Haven't started my proper antenatal yet...they start week Monday in Fareham. I start my maternity leave 3 weeks before my DD. How about u? Blakes is the birthing unit in Gosport.


franglais Fri 29-Aug-08 22:28:14

That sounds quite good at Holbrook Recreation, what time does it start on a Wednesday? It's in the afternoon isn't it?
Have you got much information about the antenatal in Fareham? We're booked on to go to Eastleigh like I said, but it seems a bit of a long way to go for antenatal.
My e-mail address is sylvrodgers@hotmail.com if you don't want to send through any info on here! Sorry about all the questions!!!! Hope you don't mind!!!
That's when I'm planning to finish and go on maternity leave, about 3 weeks before my DD. If I get too tired then I'll stop before that, but think I should be ok!

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