Anyone tried the school holiday club at the YMCA/St. Lukes portsmouth?

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Superfurryanimal Tue 22-Apr-08 13:18:00

Hi, I am thinking ahead to the long summer holiday. DD (5) is in reception so it is the first time I have had to think what to do with her for the 6 weeks holiday. Has anyone used the daycamps at St. Lukes Community sports centre run by the YMCA? She is very little for her age and I am a bit worried about her getting bundled about with a lot of much older/bigger kids.Do they segregate the different age groups? Any info much appreciated.

mypandasgotcrabs Tue 22-Apr-08 21:45:40

Hi, one of the mums at school used this for her ds last summer, I will see what I can find out from her about it.

Superfurryanimal Thu 24-Apr-08 09:45:24

Thanks mpgc that would be great!

mypandasgotcrabs Fri 25-Apr-08 18:22:09

Hi superfurry, have managed to speak to my friend today. She hasn't ever used any other play scheme type thing so has nothing to compare it to, however she was happy with that and her ds will be going again this summer.

They do not segregate into ages, but the days are split into sessions & in each of these sessions there is a choice of 3 or 4 activities. So it's unlikely that she'll choose the same thing as a 12 yr old boy for instance. They also have swimming sessions which are split into age groups.


Superfurryanimal Mon 28-Apr-08 19:26:40

Thanks mpgc! That is a great help. It's good to know your friend's child had a good experience there. I think I will give it a test run over the Whitsun holidays.

Superfurryanimal Thu 28-Aug-08 15:08:35

Just to report back. My daughter did attend the YMCA holiday club this summer and has had a brilliant time. The range of activities they lay on has been endless, fashion shows, swimming, trips to Canoe Lake & the aquarium, etc., etc. The staff, though young were enthusiastic and friendly.
So I can highly recommend it, we will definitley be using them again.

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