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winpeg Wed 23-Jan-13 01:07:05

I have only just registered here so I am new to this group as a whole, I'd heard of Netmums, but not Mumsnet. (for shame!)
I have four children a girl 11 a boy 8 a girl 3 and my youngest girl 2.

I have recently become a representative for 0-5 within the parent and carer board Portsmouth, we sound posh but we're a bunch of parents ad carers who take on issues and make sure the council hear listen and use the families of Portsmouth's views.

It has recently become common knowledge that the Portsmouth City Council need to make cuts and are planning to cut our children centres, 16 down to 9. So todays post is basically say PLEASE if you use children centres please please complete a survey you can grab one from your local children centre, even better write them a letter as I can promise you all parents views are being used to make the final decisions!

If you don't use children's centres please tell us why and how we can make them more user friendly for you.

If you want to pm me on here I assume it's possible please do if you have any questions or views and I will d my best to answer and will pass on your views!

Thank You ahead of time


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