CHRISTMAS meet up.

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youarekidding Thu 24-Nov-11 19:33:11

Hi everyone. It's been a while since we all met and Christmas is fast approaching.

I would like to organise an xmas meet up. I had thought Monkey Bizeness but apparently it doesn't do food now.

So my suggestion is to look at places that will accomodate us and provide a party. I'm thinking a soft play because it's not weather dependent.


Krazy Kaves - Fratton
PlayZone - Paulsgrove
Fun City - Fareham
Horizone -Havant

Any preferences or other suggestions let me know. I am happy to organise it if people let me know a maximum price per child and location preferences.

LesbianMummy1 Sun 27-Nov-11 12:22:44

MB do still do meals just phoned them!

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